Lancia Y10 (1986)

Lancia Y10

The Lancia Y10 is a city car produced by the Italian automaker Lancia from 1985 to 1996.

It was designed on the second-generation Fiat Panda floorpan, shortened by about 10 cm and with softer suspension settings, giving a rather awkward and sometimes downright frightening handling. It made up for this by offering a very high level of trim for its market segment.

Initially introduced in 1985 under the Autobianchi brand, using the FIRE engine in 1.0 and 1.1 L guises and Fiat's SOHC 1050 cc engine once used in the Autobianchi A112 Abarth and the Fiat 127's hottest version, this time turbocharged to produce 85 PS (62.5 kW) in the Y10 Turbo. Eventually, the Autobianchi badge was dropped in favour of Lancia's except in Italy; a textbook case of badge engineering. Along with the Autobianchi badge the turbocharged engine was dropped and a more refined, if slower, version topped the range, the 1.3 GT i.e., with 76 PS (56 kW).

It sold rather well, especially to women, for its unique style, luxurious trim and the continuously variable transmission that equipped certain versions. Its excellent aerodynamics, characterized by very clean lines and a Kammback, also provided great fuel economy.

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