Lexus SC 430 (2006)

Lexus SC 430


The 2006 Lexus SC 430 features remodelling designed to bring a new elegance and maturity to the luxury sports coupe-cabriolet. An all-new front end incorporates revised headlamps and an increase in the volume of both grille and bumper, reinforcing the broad, purposeful stance of the sports coupe and, through the adoption of the arrow head motif featured on both the new GS and IS model ranges, instantly identifying the SC 430 as the latest arrival within the new Lexus premium automotive family.

The twin-barrel I-AFS headlamp clusters are positioned on a higher plane than the grille to accent the SC 430's sporting prowess, whilst the grille itself now features sharply chamfered edges and six horizontal accent bars. Foglamp placement within air vents to the lower front bumper has been reinforced through the addition of a chrome centre bar, and the side turn signal lamps and 18" alloy wheels have also be remodelled.

To the rear, new horizontal graphics to the deep, two-step tail-light clusters reinforce the SC 430's wide, sporting posture. A new, high-intensity LED lamp improves license plate legibility, whilst twin reversing lamps have been seamlessly incorporated in the lower bumper between twin, chromed exhausts.

The 2006 Lexus SC430 is available in a choice of nine colours, including two new character colours, Morello Red and Premium Brown, as well as three new standard colours, Silver Mist, Dark Grey Metallic and Tottori Sand.

On board, a slightly revised instrument binnacle is accompanied by alterations to the colour combinations of the headliner and A pillar, and one new interior colour specification, Camel, joining the existing Ecru and Black options. Two new Wood grain finishes are also available, a choice of dark Bird's Eye maple, or medium brown Walnut.


The 2006 SC 430 is powered by Lexus' 4,283 cc V8 petrol engine, renowned for its unique combination of power and ultra smooth running. It develops 210kW/286 DIN hp @ 5,600 rpm and 419 Nm of torque at just 3,500 rpm, and is capable of accelerating the SC from 0-100 kph in 6.2 seconds, and on to a top speed of 250 kph. Despite these impressive performance figures, the 4.3 litre unit returns an excellent 11.4L/100km in the combined cycle.

The engine features the "drive-by-wire" ETCS-I (Electronic Throttle Control System-intelligent), which governs the throttle not only through pedal position, but also vehicle speed and engine rpm data. It operates in conjunction with the engine's VVT-I, which ensures unrivalled tractability and smoothness by optimising valve overlap throughout the engine's speed range, hence maximising engine response under all driving conditions.
Enhanced cylinder head cooling increases combustion efficiency, whilst short length manifolds allow the start catalytic converters to be placed closer to the exhaust ports, thus shortening warm-up time, which contributes to a reduction in emissions.

The 4.3 litre V8 demonstrates the key Lexus attributes of near silent running and ultra-Low Noise, Vibration and Harshness characteristics.

The reduction in friction of moving parts within this lightweight, highly compact powerplant has made a significant contribution to both the minimising of NVH and greater fuel efficiency. The design of front and rear engine mountings reduces both vibration at idle and transmission noise.


The SC 430's powerplant is mated to an electronically controlled, 6-speed automatic transmission incorporating a sequential manual shift mode.

The adoption of a new 6-speed gear train, allied to a newly developed torque converter, lock-up control from 4th through 6th gears and deceleration downshift control, enhances operational quietness, engine performance and fuel efficiency. The transmission is also linked to the computerised engine management system, which momentarily reduces torque for even less discernible gear changes.

The system features an Artificial Intelligence (AI-SHIFT) control that automatically changes the gear shifting schedule according to road conditions and driving style.
AI-SHIFT promotes a more comfortable yet responsive drive by avoiding unnecessary upshifting when travelling uphill, whilst automatically downshifting to provide optimum engine braking when travelling downhill.
Additionally, when the Power mode is selected, driver control is further enhanced by earlier gear shifting under both rapid acceleration and deceleration, and by the automatic holding of a gear when the accelerator pedal is released quickly, thus improving re-acceleration response.

Moving the gear lever to the "S" position within the gate allows the driver to manually select the available shift range by moving the lever forward to change up or backwards to change down. Even in this mode, the transmissions AI-SHIFT control will allow gears to be selected from a four-gear or even three-gear programme, to maximise performance. An instrument binnacle mounted shift indicator simultaneously displays the available shift range.


The 2006 Lexus SC is equipped with two-stage Dual Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) front airbags, front and rear side airbags. The sophisticated Supplementary Restraint System controls variable-force front airbags for both driver and front passenger. Sensors determine the severity on an impact and, hence, the force with which the airbags are deployed.

Both front seatbelts combine pre-tensioners with a new tension reducer which, during a collision, automatically reduces the impact load to the wearer's torso. This minimises the risk of wearer injury, with no degradation to the harnessing efficiency of the seat belt.

The new SC 430 also features the Intelligent Adaptive Front Lighting System (I-AFS), which swivels the High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps through up to 15 degrees, helping to illuminate a bend as the driver steers into it. Furthermore, in conjunction with run-flat tyre technology, a Tyre Pressure Warning System (TPWS) can detect a loss of pressure in one or more tyres, notifying the driver via a dashboard mounted warning light.


The 2006 SC430 features a DVD Navigation System with voice recognition technology responding to up to 200 spoken commands relating to navi and audio functions.

The SC 430 also benefits from the latest, state-of-the-art Bluetooth® wireless technology*. Using an advanced, wireless hands-free system, your mobile phone may be activated through the EMV (Electronic Multi-Vision) touch screen. The system does not require the use of an additional SIM card, simply linking directly to the card within the mobile phone and allowing any one of up to four Bluetooth®‚ phone users on board to be instantly connected.

The system comprises a microphone and a control unit connected with the touch screen monitor. If commanded, the phone will automatically transfer its phonebook to the Navigation screen unit, which stores up to 1,000 numbers. These may be dialled either conventionally or, via the touch screen.

All phone calls are channelled through the high quality loudspeakers of the SC 430's sophisticated sound system, and the car's navigation and telecommunications systems are closely integrated. For example, if a local point of interest is marked on the monitor, a phone call can be made to the site's information service simply by touching the relevant screen icon.

Tailored specifically to the acoustic properties of the sports coupe-cabriolet, the 2006 SC430 also features as standard the superb sound quality of a Mark Levinson® Premium Sound System. The discrete 8-channel, Mark Levinson® DSP (Digital Sound field Processing) amplifier will produce a total RMS power output of 240 watts, all channels driven, covering a frequency range of 20-20kHz, with less than 0.1% Total harmonic Distortion (THD).

Key to the Mark Levinson® Premium Sound System are 9 loudspeakers, each one custom engineered for the particular acoustic characteristics and location within the SC 430 cabin. The separate, 4-way system features domed tweeters within the door mirror trim, mid-range units in the front upper section of the doors and 6"x9" woofers at the base of the doors, as well as rear cabin side speakers and a sub-woofer. Limiting the frequency bandwidth of each type of speaker affords them better sound reproduction capabilities, resulting in a richer, clearer sound.

In addition, the door speakers themselves have been specially designed for use in a convertible, providing highlevel sound even when the roof has been retracted. And both the system's ASL (Automatic Sound Leveliser) and EQ (Equaliser) are automatically adjusted to compensate for the significant differences in sound characteristics between open-topped and closed-roof motoring.