Lincoln MK9 Concept (2001)

Lincoln MK9 Concept

The Lincoln MK9 was a Lincoln concept car first showcased in 2004. The vehicle hinted at a future comeback of a Lincoln Personal luxury car. The MK9 was a follow-on vehicle from the 2003 Lincoln Navicross concept, with similar styling cues.

The MK9 kicked off Lincoln's new naming convention of using letter and number combinations while hinting at a continuation of the Lincoln Mark series. While the naming system is similar to that of Mercedes-Benz or BMW, it does not contain any references regrading the vehicle's engine size or generation.

The Concept car features Lincoln's hallmark waterfall grille with the Lincoln diamond at its center. Two chrome accents on top of the vehicle's left and right shoulder run the entire length of the car. Chrome accented air vents are located near the doors on the front fenders.

The interior is flushed with lacquered wood and leather. Dark Cherry wood is used for the floor, while white leather is used for the headliner. The seats are models after the "Eames Lounge Chair" from the 1950's and are trimmed in red leathe

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