Mindset E-Motion Concept (2008)

Mindset E-Motion Concept

First pictures of the drivable prototype of mindset e-motion concept have been revealed. The prototype of the high-performance electric car was assembled by the French Heuliez Group.

The mindset e-motion drives locally emission-free for more than 100 km and reaches, due to an optional range extender which pro-duces electric energy by means of a combustion engine, a range of over 800km which is comparable to the range of conven-tional cars. The mindset e-motion distinguishes itself due to an out-standing appearance, low consumption and, additionally, exceptional user-friendliness.

A Spaceframe consisting of welded aluminium profiles provides the supporting elements. Attached to this Spaceframe there are fibre-enforced plastic components which make up the external panelling. The safety passenger cabin is part of the Spaceframe and consists of an extremely rigid construction around the entire occupant room. Furthermore, the safety of the passengers is increased by reinforcing profiles in the doors and across the vehicle, as well as by front airbags.

The standard make is a purely electric operated vehicle with space for two plus two persons or a generous, individually configurable rear compartment. In order to charge the battery, the vehicle can simply be plugged into a normal power socket.

The mindset e-motion concept provides nearly unlimited options. These include, for example, a range extender to increase the road coverage which can also be left in the garage if not needed, solar panels, an individually configurable interior space with extra niches or attachments required for specific purposes e.g. for golf bags, clothes, shopping, dogs etc.

Technical Specifications

  • Power train
    • Engine: High-performance electric motor
    • Maximum power output: 70 kW
    • Max. torque: 220 Nm
    • Gear box: Single speed
    • Battery technology: Lithium-Ion
    • Battery capacity: 20 kWh
  • Range Extender
    • Engine: Otto engine
    • Power output: 17 kW
    • Cubic capacity: 250 cm3
    • Fuel delivery: Electronic fuel injection
    • Fuel grade: Unleaded 95
    • Emission control: Three-way catalytic converter
  • Performance
    • CO2 emission with Range Extender: 79 g/km
    • Top speed: 140 km/h (electronically limited)
    • Acceleration 0-100 km/h: ~ 7 s
    • Range in electric mode: 100-200 km
    • Range with Range extender: >800 km
    • Charging time: 1-5h
  • Dimensions
    • Length: 4260 mm
    • Width: 1730 mm
    • Height: 1380 mm
    • Track: 1545 mm
    • Wheelbase: 2780 mm
    • Turning radius: 11 m
    • Unloaded weight: 800 kg
    • Cargo volume: 750 l
    • Seats available: 2+2
  • Suspension
    • Layout: Front wheel drive
    • Wheels: 4,5 J x 22
    • Tyres: 155/60 R 22
    • Front suspension: McPherson
    • Rear suspension: Multi-link suspension
  • Brake system
    • Brakes: 4 disc brake, ABS/Traction Control System ESP
    • Electric: Braking energy recuperation