Morgan Aero 8 (2006)

Morgan Aero 8

Following its time honored tradition of continuous improvement rather than outright model change; Morgan has updated its high performance, lightweight Aero 8 for 2006.

The most striking change is the restyled front, that bears more than a passing resemblance to the graceful lines of the AeroMax coupe that starred at last year's Salon de L'auto at Geneva. Now the all-aluminium super performer sports more traditional Morgan lines, whilst preserving its remarkable handling and performance.

The race proven bonded aluminium chassis and the coach-built body remain …..a hallmark of all Morgans. Under the traditionally styled bonnet you will find the very latest version of the 4.4 V8 from BMW, incorporating their brilliant Vanos and Valvetronic control systems. Combining its 325 Bhp with the lightweight construction delivers a class busting 284 Bph/tonne adding up to a 0-62mph time of under 4.5 seconds and a top speed of over 160 Mph (256 Kph). Yet it also possesses the ability to come to a full stop, from 62 mph in just 35.8 metres, or put another way, less than 9 car lengths.

Bosch ABS, Electronic Brake Distribution and Drag Torque Control all combine to maximise balance and poise without over compensating for driver involvement, leading to a unique driving experience delivering safety, high performance and a highly involving driving experience.

The range of standard equipment has been further improved, with the addition of Driver and Passenger Airbags, ABS, cruise control, remote central locking, remote tyre pressure monitoring, headlight wash and an optional lightweight hard top.

Over 400 Aero 8s have now been produced by the Malvern Link factory since 2001, and 2006 is set to be a record year for Morgan's top model.

Priced at £62,500 including UK VAT, this coach-built supercar exemplifies the individuality for which Morgan is famous. Delivery is currently estimated at 6 - 12 months.