Citroen C1 (2009)

Citroen C1 (2009)
Citroen C2 (2009)

Citroen C2 (2009)
Citroen C3 Picasso (2009)

Citroen C3 Picasso

Citroën C3 Picasso, the new baby-MPV, will be making its first public debut at next month's Paris Motor Show, before a UK launch in 2009. The Citroën C3 Picasso will be the third Citroën to join the Company's award-winning Picasso family.

Far from the average MPV, the Citroën C3 Picasso's 'magic box' charm lies in the way it is both compact and spacious and also brings together many other opposing qualities - strength and comfort, quality and affordability, performance and economy, contemporary and retro design, square shapes and flowing curves and, significantly, style and practicality.

The new Citroën C3 Picasso offers class-leading space, intelligent and quirky design, modular seat layout, intuitive storage solutions, dynamic engines co-developed with BMW, and all the comfort, technology and safety you'd expect of a Citroën MPV. It will also fit comfortably alongside the Citroën Xsara Picasso and Citroën C4 Picasso within Citroën's - 2008's best selling MPV brand in Europe - portfolio.

Bursting forth from the ordinary with its unique, cheeky, character, bubbly personality and charming good looks, the Citroën C3 Picasso benefits from a new direction in body design, blending the roomy, versatile shapes of an MPV with the quality, agility and comfort of an SUV and at the same time, challenging the preconceived notions of the compact MPV segment.

Citroen C3 Pluriel Charleston (2009)

Citroen C3 Pluriel Charleston (2009)
Citroen C4 (2009)

Citroen C4

Citroën's dynamic C4 range is now more alive with technology than ever before. An exciting new look gives the popular model even more appeal with new exterior and interior styling, updated equipment, body colours and wheel designs, as well as the introduction of two new low CO2, fuel efficient, petrol engines co-developed with BMW. HDi models will also be available with new low-rolling resistance Michelin tyres for improved fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Changes to the exterior focus on restyling the vehicle's front end, bringing the Citroën C4 in line with the prestigious looks of the recently launched Citroën C5. Its new bonnet features a more rounded, curvier design, whilst the grille benefits from restyled integrated chevrons. The front bumper has also been revamped and the number plate repositioned for a stronger, sportier, more dynamic look.

The rear lights of the Citroën C4 Coupe are now finished in transparent crystal and a choice of three new alloy wheel styles - either 16-inch or 17-inch - as well as two new body colours - Bourrasque and Recif blue are now available. For added elegance, chrome inserts are featured on some models.

In the cabin, the Citroën C4 has been improved for enhanced comfort whilst, for greater clarity, the rev counter has been relocated to the innovative translucent central display unit. As with the award-winning Citroën C4 Picasso, a plush grain is now featured on the dashboard and doors for a more upmarket feel. New decors have been designed with an improved quality finish whilst the integrated scented air freshener makes the interior smell as good as it looks.

Citroen C4 Coupe (2009)

Citroen C4 Coupe (2009)
Citroen DS Inside Concept (2009)

Citroen DS Inside Concept (2009)
Citroen REVOLTe Concept (2009)
Citroen REVOLTe Concept (2009)

Citroen REVOLTe Concept

A vibrant and sophisticated re-chargeable hybrid, Citroën REVOLTe Concept represents a bold vision of the luxury, compact city car of tomorrow, combining confident styling with environmentally responsible technology to create a unique concept for the future of urban transportation.

Citroën REVOLTe Concept reflects the changing role of small cars with style and elegance becoming as important as economy and practicality. True to Citroën's credentials as a bold and forward-thinking brand, Citroën REVOLTe Concept snubs the traditions of the conventional small urban vehicle, bringing a highly contemporary approach to the segment.

Inspired by the Citroën 2CV, REVOLTe takes the key attributes of Citroën's timeless and iconic classic and turns them on their head - a clear example of Citroën looking to the future by taking inspiration from its cool past. Where the 2CV was plain and neutral, REVOLTe is luxurious and colourful; where the 2CV was basic and simple, Citroën REVOLTe Concept is intelligent and technologically advanced and where the 2CV was slow and bouncy, REVOLTe is lively and spirited.

Compact, with a visually-stunning low stance, Citroën REVOLTe Concept measures just 3.68m long, 1.73m wide and 1.35m tall. The well defined wheel arches, curving bonnet, forceful lines and sculpted sides that match the roof line, all combine to present a sleek and elegant profile.
Rear-hinged doors provide easy access to the multi-coloured cabin, with woven black leather, thick crimson velvet and gleaming aluminium. REVOLTe's bright colours and luxury styling reflects Citroën's bold creativity and the desire to modernise notions of conventional car design. Thanks to iridescent, glossy colours, silky smooth textiles and sophisticated materials, Citroën REVOLTe Concept has a vibrant, dare-to-be-different interior that throws tradition aside. The result is a small urban vehicle much more like a fashionable, glamorous and clearly feminine accessory to the driver's modern lifestyle.

Citroen Tubik Concept (2011)

Citroen Tubik Concept

With the launch of its Mulicity portal, Citroen established itself as a facilitator of mobility. Today, continuing its research in this field, it is exploring a new area. Drawing upon its expertise and the best "Créative Technologie", Citroen has developed Tubik, a high-tech executive shuttle based on one key idea: travel should be fun. Come with us on a shared, intelligent, connected and eco-friendly journey!

Today, it is journey time rather than distance that is important. In the modern world, information travels faster than people, the same journey can be made using a multitude of different means of transport, and consumers are looking first and foremost for an easy way of getting around. In consequence, the challenge for vehicle manufacturers is to develop solutions tailored to the mobility issues of the future. The Multicity project is the result of studies carried out by Citroen on mobility. This project is already a reality with the launch in France of Citroen Multicity, an online portal and routefinder that covers all available means of transport (car, train, plane, etc.) to make travelling easier.

Today, the Multicity project is moving into its next phase with a new solution: Tubik, a concept car designed to make travel meaningful again.

Society is changing, and with it the idea of family. Sociologists talk about "affective groups" to describe this change which includes blended families and groups of friends. These "affective groups", which are no longer limited to just four or five people, need to be able to travel together, without having to leave their luggage at home owing to a lack of space.

Citroen DS4 (2012)

Citroen DS4

Citroën has released first details for the new Citroën DS4, a unique and attractive blend of creativity, dynamism, exclusivity and versatility. DS4 is the second model in Citroën's distinctively-styled DS line.

Citroën DS4 brings an alluring mixture of premium design codes and a bold approach to automotive styling, with an emphasis on driving pleasure and advanced vehicle architecture. DS4 is a model with a multitude of talents, effortlessly responding to a broad range of owner needs, while enhancing the appeal and vitality of the motoring experience.

Citroën DS4 combines sophistication and refinement with a dynamic coupé-like body, creating exceptional versatility and day-to-day practicality within a compact design - 4.27m (l), 1.81m (w) & 1.53m (h).

Citroën DS4 delivers a new "at-the-wheel" experience with unrivalled driving sensations and outstanding agile on-road handling. With its slightly raised stance and taut lines, Citroën DS4 is a unique and eye-catching addition to the segment.

Finely crafted to convey a prestigious presence both inside and out, Citroën DS4 offers meticulous detailing from carefully applied chrome touches to premium cabin materials - such as the finest quality leather seats. A large panoramic windscreen, offering enhanced occupant visibility, illuminates the driver-focused cockpit, creating a bright and welcoming environment.

Combining coupé style with 2+2 door practicality, Citroën DS4 offers three full-sized rear seats, accessed by rear doors with hidden handles that are seamlessly integrated into the body's flowing lines. Citroën DS4 also benefits from a capacious 370-litre boot and a host of clever storage solutions.