Lancia Ypsilon (2016)

Lancia Ypsilon

Perfect combination of elegance and manoeuvrability on four wheels, a car in which form and functionality go hand-in-hand, and an anti-conformist model which boldly expresses its own personality: these are the features which have made Ypsilon a proven success for four generations with 2.7 million sold across Europe.

Today the baton passes to the New Lancia Ypsilon that, to continue to be one of the cars preferred by women, undergoes a renewal becoming even more elegant and functional as well as offering precise details, refined materials, and an attention to design typical of Lancia, and apparent in all three of the versions available at the time of launch: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

On sale from September 2015 across the main European markets, the New Ypsilon can be equipped with two petrol engines, a 69 hp 1.2 with manual gearbox or 85 hp 0.9 TwinAir Turbo combined with semi-automatic transmission. Alternatively, the 95 hp 1.3 Multijet diesel, eco-friendly and fuel-efficient (just 95 g/km of CO2), express the best of today's engineering in the field of small turbo diesels. Completing the range are the bi-fuel Ecochic versions for cost-effective running and high range: the 69 hp 1.2 LPG/Petrol (110 g/km of CO2) and the 80 hp two-cylinder 0.9 TwinAir Turbo Methane/Petrol which guarantees low emissions (86 g/km of CO2) and remarkably brilliant performance. The engine types, all Euro 6, are high performing but offer contained consumption and are environmentally friendly thanks to the Ecochic Turbo Methane and LPG range.