Opel Signum V6 CDTI (2003)

Opel Signum V6 CDTI

The Opel Signum is an large family car manufactured by General Motors in Germany since 2003. It is almost exclusively sold in Europe, in the United Kingdom under the Vauxhall Signum nameplate. Introduced in 2003, the Signum is largely based on the Opel Vectra and uses the long-wheelbase version of the GM Epsilon platform, also used by Vectra Caravan.

The car is based on an unusual concept of a very large hatchback with a nearly vertical tailgate. Its dimensions place it between traditional large family cars and executive cars. In most markets, it is also priced accordingly (more expensive than Opel Vectra, but less than e.g. Audi A6). The Signum was indended to partially replace the defunct Opel Omega in its role as an inexpensive yet comfortable executive car, and also capture a whole new market segment.

In North America, General Motors offers a vehicle based on a similar concept (yet targeting a different market) and platform, called Chevrolet Malibu Maxx.

Differences compared to Vectra

Compared to a standard 5-door Vectra, the Signum has a wheelbase stretched by 13 cm and is 23 cm longer overall, keeping the same width and being slightly (by 6 mm) taller. This provides for very ample rear legroom. Instead of a traditional three-passenger bench seat, the Signum has two separate seats in the rear, which can be adjusted in many ways, including sliding back and forth (just like the front seats) and reclining backrests. There is also a very narrow central section, which includes a folding armrest and can also serve as a third seat (the Signum is fitted with three rear headrests and safety belts). The seats can also be folded down individually to increase the cargo space - a system that General Motors calls Flexspace.

The Signum shares many body panels (including the complete front part of the body) and interior elements (in particular the complete dashboard and front seats) with the Vectra, but the tailgate and rear fender design is unique to the Signum. The Signum was facelifted along with the Vectra lineup in 2005, getting a new front fascia design and slight changes elsewhere.

All Signums are made alongside Vectras in Opel's Rüsselsheim plant in Germany.

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