Porsche 964 Speedster (1993)

Porsche 964 Speedster

The Porsche 964 Speedster, a low-roof convertible version of the 964, returned in October 1992. Based on the Carrera 2, the Speedster was available either in standard or in lightweight version, Clubsport trim. Unlike its predecessor, the 911 Speedster, the Porsche 964 Speedster was initially not available with the "Turbo-Look" wider rear arches. As a result, the sales of the 964 edition were disappointing: only 925 units were built in two years, vs 2065 for the previous generation. In late 1993 (Model Year 1994), 20 (14 in right hand drive) very exclusive "Turbo-Look" units were made as special orders and carried special 5 digit option codes in their production records. These "Turbo-Look" Speedsters were some of the last 964's produced by the Porsche factory.

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