Renault Wind Concept (2004)

Renault Wind Concept

The Renault Wind was a concept car created by the French autombile manufacturer, Renault. The Wind was first introduced at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show. It is a 2+1 roadster that has great performance.

The engine

The Wind uses an inline-4 engine. The Wind can go up to 136 horsepower (101 kW). The torque of the Wind can go up to 141 pound-feet (191 N·m). Other ideals of the wind, such as its top speed and its time on a zero to sixty mph test, is unknown to the public. We do know that this vehicle is very fast.

The design

The Wind's design is like other Renault vehicles such as the performance versions of the Renault Clio and Mégane. The steering wheel and pedal assemblies in the Wind are adjustable and fold away automatically when the door is opened for easier access. The Wind's size is very close to the Renault Clio (only 10 centimeters longer), but it is pretty roomy for being a roadster.

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