Renault Modus Concept (2004)

Renault Modus Concept

The Renault Modus is a supermini MPV designed and built by the French manufacturer Renault in Valladolid, Spain since September 2004. The production version is very similar to the concept car of the same name. It is essentially a taller and shorter version of the Clio and, as such, shares its platform and much of its engine range with the Clios latest incarnation. Targeted at people who want the practicality and versatility of the larger Renault Scénic but without the added size. The Clio platform that spawned the Modus also gave rise to the current Nissan Micra and its monospace relative the Nissan Note.

The practicality of the Modus is increased by the addition of several innovative features:

The Triptic seating system which has the rear seats mounted on sliding rails with four preset positions. When in the rearmost two positions the seats are configured for two people with inreased leg, hip and shoulder room. When in the forward positions they are configured for three people, sacrificing comfort but increasing cargo capacity.

Another seat-based feature of Modus models was a flip up cushion on the front passenger seat squab which left a space in which the driver could place objects to prevent them from rolling into the footwell and under the seats.

The Modus other feature of note is its Boot Chute; a drop-down opening in the centre of the tailgate below the rear window which can be opened even when the car is parked nose to tail with other vehicles which would normally prevent access to its load area, thus enabling the user to place smaller items inside even in those situations. The Boot Chute closely resembles the tailgate of the original Mini.

The Modus was also one of the first cars in its class to have such features as automatic headlamps and windshield wipers on its options list. It was the first small car the receive 5 NCAP stars for passenger safety due in part to its 6 airbag system, front and rear side impact bars and ISOFIX child seat fixing points.


  • 1.2 16v Petrol in various states of tune (from a 65bhp/48kW unit to a 74bhp/55kW)
  • 1.4 16v Petrol (97bhp/72kW)
  • 1.5 dCi Common Rail Diesel (from 85bhp/63kW up to 106bhp/78kW unit)
  • 1.6 16v Petrol (111bhp/82kW)

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