Renault Racoon Concept (1993)

Renault Racoon Concept

The Renault Racoon was a concept car created by Renault. This very odd concept car was first shown in 1992. The Racoon was unique in styling, but it resembled a later concept car created by Volkswagen that was called the Concept T.

The Racoon used a twin-turbocharged V6 engine. The Racoon was basically an off-road vehicle, so it used a manual transmission and an all wheel drive system. The Racoon's design was very unusual since it had an unusual shape. Also very unusual is how the driver entered the car. To get into the Racoon, the driver had to open the front of the car.

The Racoon was also unusual as it could be raised upwards to provide additional ground clearence. The construction of its suspension meant this was acheived with a levered effect, like opening a pair of scissors. The pivot for this can be seen in the centre of the car in profile pictures.

The car also featured many radical features such as rain diffusing glass, remote controlled entry, computer control, satellite navigation and cameras as opposed to rear view mirrors. While these technologies have become much more affordable and reliable, at the time of its launch most of this technology was still in its infancy.

It is for these reasons, as well as the additional costs of the unique suspension set up and the 3.0 litre twin turbo V6 the car was powered by that meant this car was never really likely to see production.

This vehicle was also aquatic-capable, and while there have been many aquatic cars launched over the years most manufacturers have come to realize that the automobile doesn't make for a good boat.

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