Rover 75 Limousine (2004)

Rover 75 Limousine

A new 2004 Rover 75 Limousine, derived from the successful Rover 75 Saloon with a 200mm longer wheelbase is now Longbridge-built and distinguished by the new large-grille treatment, first seen on the new Rover V8. The 75 Limousine is wholly reminiscent of previous high-powered and ministerial Rover cars and is available in high-specification Connoisseur SE trim, combining supreme rear compartment legroom and interior proportions with extra interior lighting and provision for bespoke Monogram features.

The Rover 75 Limousine has a 200mm wheelbase extension over the acclaimed Rover 75 Saloon and utilises the considerable strength inherent in the saloon body's torsional-rigidity of some 24,000Nm per degree. Available in high-specification Connoisseur SE trim, the longer-wheelbase Rover provides increased rear compartment legroom, extra interior lighting and bespoke Monogram features, as required.

Compared to other limousines, the Rover offers quite supreme value for money with similar interior proportions, but at a price sometimes half, or a tenth of the expense. The Rolls-Royce Phantom for example costs £252,037, yet offers just 3cm of extra legroom, a similar headroom and 2cm more shoulder room, yet in tests carried out by Autocar magazine (March 30, 2004) comparing the two, wrote: "That the 75 claws an advantage with its primary ride quality is a victory of which Rover can be proud."

The Rover 75 Limousine is produced at Longbridge on the same advanced production facility that produces similar Rover body style variants, thereby ensuring a consistent high quality build standard and continuity of process. The Rover 75 Limousine can be specified with a quad-cam, 2.5-litre light-aluminium V6 petrol engine or the common-rail turbo-diesel with either manual or automatic transmission. Both engines are highly refined generating 240Nm of torque from the V6 and 300Nm from the turbo-diesel, matched to the 5-speed JATCO automatic gearbox.