Rover 75 (2004)

Rover 75

A new evolutionary design style for the highly-regarded Rover 75 Saloon and Tourer models embraces a sharper-edged front and rear exterior appearance, a larger integrated radiator grille, halogen projector headlamps and three distinct trim identities - Classic, Connoisseur and Contemporary, with SE derivatives are supported by additional option packs that offer carefully tailored specifications across all points in the range.

The established appeal of the Rover 75 range - with its unrivalled reputation as the definitive luxury premium Upper Medium saloon is further enhanced by the addition of the "Contemporary" derivative theme, providing a younger, more modern interpretation of traditional Rover values. Other features include a selection of new alloy wheel designs and options like Personal Assist - Smartnav® voice navigation and concierge service.

The exterior has the clean lines of the sharper-edged Rover 75 design to capture a fresh spirit of style with a larger and more prominent Rover grille, complemented by a new headlamp design incorporating standard fit halogen projector units. The style of Rover 75 has been updated to offer cleaner, more progressive lines without jeopardising the integrity of the original design, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cars in the world.

Rover 75 Saloon and Tourer already possess one of the most admired interiors in the motoring world. With the introduction of the Classic, Connoisseur and Contemporary variants this interior is now available in three distinctive identities. In particular,

Contemporary models offer an entirely new and progressive interior based around a new black oak wood finish. This provides a distinctive, younger and more continental flavour to the cabin. Full leather seat trim is standard on SE derivatives of both Connoisseur and Contemporary models.

For security and peace of mind, superlocking disables door and tailgate lock releases and sophisticated electronic networks stand ready to trigger the alarm. Highly convenient 'plip' operated remote unlocking of the boot or tailgate is now available on all derivatives, while a robust engine immobiliser and remote control with a continuously changing security code complete the anti-theft defences.