Rover TCV Concept (2002)

Rover TCV Concept

Giving the first public indication of Rover's future product design thinking, the Rover TCV Concept (Tourer Concept Vehicle) forms the centrepiece of the company's stand at the 2002 Geneva Show. Rover TCV Concept is shown as an external full size model, combined with a dynamic virtual-reality demonstration of the ingenious interior package capabilities. It has been created to show the company's styling and design vision for its new vehicles. Although this concept is innovative and free-thinking, it has been designed for genuine production feasibility.

The Rover TCV Concept features a highly adaptable seating plan. The rear three seat squabs all fold individually to lie flush with the normal rear load floor, and the front passenger seat squab also folds to this plane. This allows several combinations of passengers and loads, and any folded seats can also be used in 'table-top' mode for business or leisure purposes. Very long items of up to 3.1 metres can be accommodated. The centre rear seat squab can be replaced with various 'slot-in' modules, including a child seat, an entertainment centre, a fridge/food warmer and a business desktop unit.