Volvo C70 Coupe (2001)

Volvo C70 Coupe

Volvo C70 Coupe and Convertible embody a strikingly unique synthesis of power, grace and aesthetic proportions. Even at rest, their aggressive lines impact the eye with the sensation of beauty at speed.

A provocative and passionate expression of Scandinavian design purity, the C70 blazed the trail for the transformation of Volvo design with an inspired vision of aggressive automotive athleticism. With the C70, the world would never look at Volvo the same again. A new Volvo design aesthetic was born. It would be lead by the Volvo C70 Coupe and Convertible that were created to savor the joy of pure driving pleasure. It also set the standard that Volvo beauty would not be skin deep.

Following the successful addition of the C70 Sport Edition for 2001, Coupes included the same features as standard for 2002 model year. They are: unique black egg crate grille, 17" wheels, power sunroof, leather upholstery, trip computer, automatically-dimming inside rearview mirror, and unique dash inlays.

Powerful and well balanced, both the Volvo C70 Coupe and Convertible offer the 236 horsepower high pressure turbo with 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmissions, exceptional agility, superior road holding and supreme comfort. If ever a car was designed to explore the serpentine joys of U.S. 1 from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, this is it.

The C70 Convertible expands the possibilities with the addition of a 190 hp, 2.4-liter engine with light pressure turbo and 5-speed automatic. Available Stability and Traction Control, standard 4-channel ABS brakes with sophisticated electronic force distribution, striking 16- and 17-inch wheels, and rich leather trim and wood accents are among the many sensory joys that make the C70s anything but simple transportation.

Not only isn't the beauty skin deep, but occupant safety protection resides at the heart of the C70. Three-point seatbelts and head restraints at all seating positions, side impact protection system (SIPS) with enhanced side impact airbags, and WHIPS whiplash protection seats as standard equipment are but part of the C70 safety story. The C70 Convertible even provides roll-over protection with the unique ROPS system.

"I intended to set the stage for future design with the Volvo C70 Coupe. I wanted a Volvo that would be desired, one with ageless styling and yet show our past. This is our first true sports coupe in almost 30 years. I intentionally challenged my design team to create a new styling language for Volvo," comments Volvo's Chief of Design, Peter Horbury. "I threw away the box and kept the toy."

Most coupe buyers are evenly split between male and female and are in their mid-40's. Their reasons to buy are design and performance. They are "spec sheet" buyers who are looking for unique design. The will cross-shop other coupes - a lot. And thrive on analysis before making their decision.

For 2003 the C70 Coupe has been discontinued.