Volvo C70 Convertible (2001)

Volvo C70 Convertible

It was the ground-breaking design of the first Volvo C70 that captured the imagination of critics and consumers alike, and began to change the way that Americans look at Volvo automobiles. Today, the C70 Coupe and Convertible have become the keystone of the new school of design that has transformed the entire Volvo model line. But the evocative style that broke the stereotype of the square, stolid Swede is matched by exhilarating performance and elegant luxury, making the C70 Coupe and Convertible worthy competitors in the market for premium coupes and convertibles.

Beneath the taut, muscular shape and sensuous lines lives the power to fulfil the promise of performance made by the new design. For the C70 Coupe, that means a powerful 236 hp 5-cylinder, 2.3-liter engine with inter-cooled high-pressure turbo and 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission. The Volvo C70 Convertible expands the possibilities with the addition of a 190 hp, 2.4-liter engine with light pressure turbo and 5-speed automatic. Available Stability and Traction Control, standard 4-channel ABS brakes with sophisticated electronic force distribution, dazzling 16- and 17-inch wheels, and delicious leather trim and wood accents are among the many ingredients that make the C70s genuine touring automobiles.

Can safety be stylish? It can in a Volvo C70, with three-point seatbelts and head restraints at all seating positions, side impact protection system (SIPS) with enhanced side airbags, and WHIPS whiplash protection seats as standard equipment. The Volvo C70 Convertible even provides roll-over protection with the unique ROPS system.

"I intended to set the stage for future design with the C70 Coupe. I wanted a Volvo that would be desired, one with ageless styling and yet show our past. This is our first true sports coupe in almost 30 years. I intentionally challenged my design team to create a new styling language for Volvo," comments Volvo's Chief of Design, Peter Horbury. "I threw away the box and kept the toy."

Coupe and Convertible Buyers

Most coupe buyers are male, in their mid-40's. Their reasons to buy are design and performance. They are "spec sheet" buyers who are looking for unique design. The will cross-shop other coupes - a lot. And thrive on analysis before making their decision.

Convertible buyers are predominately (70%) women. For them, it's more about "wind in your face" rather than performance and drivetrain. The convertible buyer's attitude is "I've earned this car, I owe it to myself." They tend not to cross-shop. This is more of an impulse decision than one of analysis.