Fiat Mobi (2017)

Fiat Mobi

Fiat Mobi is an automobile essentially for daily life activities, with its compact dimensions and its smart use. It is easy to drive and park. It is light weight. And Fiat Mobi's lightness is translated into good performance, consumption and stability. A trustworthy example of conscientious consumption in the automotive universe.

Modern as the cities' architecture

An efficient and lovely vehicle, thanks to its unique and remarkable style. It also presents a more robust appearance, making it look larger than it really is. And Fiat Mobi even innovates with its high resistance black glass rear hood, exclusively among Brazilian automobiles, raising the sensation of the model's sophistication.

Easy, simple and functional

The design's beauty would be of no worth without functionality. For this reason, Fiat Mobi, which can transport up to five people, has one of the best accessibilities of the segment, with wide-angled opening doors. It is also easy to adapt the internal space according to the need. Every Fiat Mobi has a bipartite back seat in the original standard package, which can be reclined on only one side or in both, increasing the baggage compartment volume. It is even possible to expand the space of the baggage compartment with two positions of the rear seat backrest. And the solutions for smart use continue, like the Cargo Box, a practical and versatile removable compartment for the baggage compartment.

Connected like urban life

Fiat Mobi is going to inaugurate a new era of connectivity - another smart novelty that is going to astonish the consumers. With Fiat Live On, Mobi is going to put on the customer's mobile phone. Or on the contrary. Through an application, with practical and fast interface, the mobile phone assumes the role of a multimedia unit, the way the customer knows and with everything that he needs.

To please all city movements

The Fiat Mobi range arrives well complete in the network of Fiat dealers, composed of six versions: Easy, Easy On, Like, Like On, Way and Way On. In all versions, the chassis has four doors, with 1 liter engine and with three years of factory guarantee. Factor of tranquility for the consumer, who also counts on 40 years of the brand's tradition in compact automobiles in Brazil.

"Mobi is much more than an automobile. It is a smart solution for the city's challenge and outside of it as well", states Stefan Ketter, COO FCA Latam.