Renault Twingo GT (2017)

Renault Twingo GT (2017)

Renault Twingo GT (2017)

Unmatched package in the small city car segment includes a petrol engine with an output of 110 hp, a manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive featuring the Renault Twingo GT.

The Twingo GT model with sportive appearance is based on the Twin’Run conceptual automobile.

The Renault Twingo GT will be showcased during the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Integral agility of rear-wheel drive motor car developed by Renault and best practices in providing greater enjoyment of driving a car of Renault Sport are merged in the Renault Twingo GT. The output of its 898 cc Tce turbo engine has reached 110 horsepower and its torque peak reaches 170 Nm thanks to improved air inlet system. Besides, enhanced engine map with various kinds of gearing boosts dynamic operating performance of auto.

With the aim of capturing benefits from improving characteristics of auto in general security chassis of Twingo GT has been equipped with modified suspension, special calibration of ESP with different variations of steering. The noteworthy outcome of these modifications was excellent cornering and stability of an auto on a road. The combination of these characteristics ensures accessible comfort for owners of Twingo GT.

Outstanding sports features of a car are noticeable at first sight and expose wheels in diameter of 17 inches, lateral air admission, twin exhaust pipe and innovative colour of vehicle body named Piment Orange. The model Twingo III was developed following the Twin’Run concept car and perfectly matches particular design of Twingo Gt’s wheels, striping developed thanks to creative inspiration received from the construction of NACA aircraft that reflects aerodynamic shape of the renowned US plane’s air and reduced ground clearance to create an appealing look.

The Twingo GT is available in four colours: Piment Orange, Lunaire Grey, Profond Black and Glacier White.

Renault Twingo GT (2017) Renault Twingo GT (2017) Renault Twingo GT (2017) Renault Twingo GT (2017)