Honda Accord Hybrid (2017)

Honda Accord Hybrid (2017)

Honda Accord Hybrid (2017)

The 2014-2015 Accord Hybrid became a starting point for a hybrid-sedan of medium-size, cutting edge technology and dominating in its class fuel economy. The model Honda Accord Hybrid introduced in 2017 year outpaces its rivals as it has been equipped with two-motor hybrid system of second generation ensuring higher level of fuel economy and improved technological characteristics of model range launched in 2016. In terms of refinement, technological sophistication and fuel economy the Honda Accord Hybrid is the best version in the whole Accord range.

The 2016 year marked the 4-th anniversary of the Accord that set a standard for autos in the category of average size sedan. Accord won widespread acknowledgement thanks to outstanding interior space and perfect ergonomic features, dynamics and indicators of safety.

The model introduced in 2017 year was complemented with such top-class features as a combination of Apple Car Play ̣́, Android Autọ́, widespread using LED solutions and set of driver’s supporting technologies under the Honda Sensing trademark.

Two-motor hybrid system of Honda along with highly efficient i-VTEC Atkinson Cycle engine with a 2,0 liter capacity powertrain of the 2017 Accord Hybrid will guarantee maximum capacity of 212 horsepower, the greatest height of auto in midsize hybrid sedan class.

From the perspective of exterior and interior design the front fascia of an auto became considerably creased and fancifully formed. An exceptional well-defined aluminum hood of Accord Hybrid is combined with distinctly contoured radiator grill.

Besides, the Accord Hybrid is provided with reconsidered colour range including five colours and seats covered with tricot fabric.

The model launched in 2017 is equipped with two-engine hybrid powertrain named Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD). This operating system enhances benefits of the Accord Hybrid over its rivals due to improvements and failure free functioning along with increasing fuel economy.

The two-motor hybrid system of second generation presents a high performance powertrain that is able of choosing the appropriate functioning of a drive depending on driving environment.

The Accord Hybrid can easily switch between three specific types of drive functioning: EV Drive (an operating mode when power of electric motor is used for 100%), Hybrid Drive (using electric motor and gasoline-powered engine) and Engine Drive (mode of operation involving gasoline engine).

Regarding Hybrid Drive Operation it should be noted that the electric propulsion motor actuates the front wheels whereas the gasoline engine powers motor operating by means of electric generator.

I-MMD system of the Accord Hybrid introduced in 2017 activates DOHC i-VTEC four-cylinder Atkinson Cycle engine with a capacity of 2,0-liter and maximum speed of 143 horsepower at 6200 revolutions per minute.

Continuous robustness is ensured thanks to cast-in cylinder liners made of iron. Internal counterbalance mechanism of the Accord Hybrid contributes to the seamlessness in all the range of revolutions.

Four-cylinder engine of an auto is equipped with a moulded under pressure aluminum cylinder top.

With the aim of increasing fuel economy and output the input and exhaust valve are positioned at a 3,4-degree angle.

The innovative heat recovery device allows to decrease power-robbing friction especially while driving in cold weather. Hot exhaust fumes help to heat cooling fluid for engine.

The Honda Accord Hybrid functions by means of two electric drives: a propulsion motor actuating the wheels and a generator motor providing electric power. Both motors are more powerful in comparison with the previous variant.

The Power Control Unit (PCU) controls managing energy of the two-engine hybrid system and is able of increasing electric voltage to 700 volts that contributes to reaching engine capacity of 181 horsepower.

A standard mechanical transmission is not included in equipping of the Honda Accord Hybrid. Alternatively, gasoline-powered engine and two electric motors replace it by interacting with each other.

The transmission is actuated by means of two various completely automated operating modes. The first D (Drive) mode is designed for the majority of driving conditions and characterized by fuel economy and seamless functioning. The second B (Brake) mode suggests considerable boosting regenerative braking with the aim of raising efficiency of hybrid functioning and fuel economy.

The 2017 Accord Hybrid is provided with a sport mode that helps to realize exciting driving thanks to increasing battery contribution to the propulsion motor in order to increase the speed of operation.

Every feature of the car body presents an individual solution in order to enhance accuracy of driving. The hood of Honda Accord Hybrid is made entirely of aluminum. Interior environment of the car salon is distinguished by increased quietness.

Steel of high toughness is used in the unibody construction that strengthens robustness of the body and decreases weight.

Enhanced aerodynamic performance became a significant aspect of the 2017 Accord Hybrid focused on harmonizing of the air flow around the body sides.

The style of Honda Accord Hybrid is distinguished by enhanced sportiveness, elegance and expressiveness. Besides, its front panel and fascia panel of rear bumpers have been modified. Design of a grille, headlight and taillight has been updated.

Tailor-made side mirrors were developed with the aim of improving aerodynamics, noise reduction and possess heating designed for comfortable driving in all weather conditions.

The Honda Accord Hybrid provides connection to social networks of car owners and digital lifestyle by means of user-friendly control elements.

GPS along with comprehensive data received from mapping system is used in the operation of Satellite Navigation System to define the location of an auto. Information about geographic positioning comes from GPS-network.

Honda Accord Hybrid (2017) Honda Accord Hybrid (2017) Honda Accord Hybrid (2017) Honda Accord Hybrid (2017)