Citroen C3 (2017)

Citroen C3 (2017)

Citroen C3 (2017)

The most demanded C3 model of Citroen is being updated and has been already sold in over than 3,6 million units since its initial presentation in 2002. The innovative Citroen C3 is designed to impress the market with tailor-made features and the cutting edge vehicles technologies, in particular a world launch for ConnectedCAM Citroen ̣́, high-resolution camera providing a possibility of showing photos made during trips to drivers’ close people and friends.

The new Citroen C3 possesses all features which can be expected from a contemporary auto – colourfulness, stylishness and availability of advanced technologies. The model is characterized by superior comfort and determined cheerful character.

Typical front-end of Citroen, smooth lines, soft bends and vibrant colours ensure impressive and vigorous look of the new model.

Extremely suitable for customization New C3 is impudent and guarantees a possibility of creating custom-designed look matching personal style of a driver.

The exterior of an auto is coloured with paint of two tones. Besides, three variants of colours are available for the roof of a car and additional strokes of colour around the auto (anti-fog headlight, external mirrors, rear body quarter panels and on the Airbump panels). As for internal space of a car, there are four available types of interior ensuring a feeling of great capacity of car body, privacy due to the seats’ shape and a minimalistic dashboard.

The aim of new C3 is increasing comfort of everybody in a car. The Citroen Advanced Comfort programme had a significant impact on the development of New C3. A full glass panoramic sunroof bringing light into a car salon, a 7-inch wide sensor display combining all the main options of the vehicle, keyless cabin access and system startup, fabrics used in house interior design aim to secure a strong sense of convenience and tranquility.

ConnectedCAM Citroen ̣́ is equipped with a completely built-in camera placed behind the rear view mirror with the aim of receiving images and video which can be immediately broadcasted through media channels or kept in memory of definite events. New options enhancing conditions of driving are now available, in particular 3D navigation controlled by voice, a rear view camera, lane departure warning system and blind-spot monitoring system.

Distinguishing design adds New C3 novelty, powerfulness and individuality which are exceptional at the market of subcompact cars. The stunning front-end evokes a strong impression of reliability of service.

Safety features of the car are noticeable in a balanced ration between panels of car body and glass area. Robust large-sized wings at the rear of the car body add visual dynamics.

The Airbump panels present scratch-resistant bumps filled with air – typical characteristic of Citroen reflecting individuality and stylishness as well as protection of an auto.

Designers of Citroen sought to implement home interior design in the environment of a car salon that makes owner of an auto to feel like at home. Non-congested area of New C3 is the main principle of its interior design.

There is a variety of finishing of a car salon. The customer can choose painted items, covered with textile fabrics or with overstitching. The choice of finishing always depends on the materials of seats.

New Citroen C3 presents the first version of its type suggesting an exclusively comprehensive selection of personalization possibilities and colour solutions of exterior.

The Citroen Advanced Comfort programme has had a major impact on the design of New C3 providing owners of a car and passengers with a feeling of welfare.

The design of comfortable furnishing of a car, the panoramic sunroof filling a salon with sun beams, the uncluttered space and a compartment for keeping items is focused on welfare.

The designers concentrated on the areas for storage. For instance, they created an innovative cubby that expanding the vacant space in the front area of the auto to provide appropriate functionality without prejudice to the plainness of the interior.

The ConnectedCAM Citroen ̣́ presents a camera with a 120-degree field of view complemented with GPS and internal memory of 16 GB. A camera placed behind the rear-view mirror records images seen by driver.

In order to ensure an outstanding ratio between external impact and inner space the new model has been complemented with the PSA Group platform.

With the aim of providing comfort developers used a cutting edge suspension system on the basis of well-tried architecture. It helps to manage with unevenness of road and presents a common feature of Citroen suspension. Sound insulation and such elements as an innovative ‘H’ crossbar placed under the seats designed for protection from hitting any projections also evokes a strong impression.

Customers of New Citroen C3 can choose between high-performance PureTech petrol of the newest generation and BlueHDi Diesel engines. With the aim of achieving perfection in driving qualities and convenience New Citroen C3 is fitted with the option of EAT6 completely automated gearbox manufactured by Citroen.

New Citroen C3 is able to increase the quality of journey and satisfaction from driving.

Driving aids include:

• Citroen Connect Nav presents voice-activated satellite navigation system. It also can be controlled by touching the screen with a size of 7 inches.

• Mirror Screen technology allows the driver to use multimedia content by means of voice or touch.

• Rear view camera ensures observability with the help of sensor display

• Hill-Start Assist contributes to secure pulling away from a stationary position.

Regarding safety technologies it’s necessary to mention the Lane Departure Warning System presenting tiredness recognition system that is able of identifying characteristics of tired or unfocused driver.

The Blind-Spot Monitoring System is a detector of other autos in areas which are not available for driver’s view.

Citroen C3 (2017) Citroen C3 (2017) Citroen C3 (2017) Citroen C3 (2017)