Subaru Levorg (2016)

Subaru Levorg (2016)

Subaru Levorg (2016)

The sport tourer auto named Subaru Levorg was successfully presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015. Prior to this event the model entered the national market of Subaru in Japan where it gained popularity. Its selling price in UK is 27,495 pounds.

The Levord presents the follower of the popular Subaru Legacy Tourer of the fourth generation (2003-2008). In comparison with the previous model the Levorg is distinguished by compactness of on-road footprint. However, spaciousness of its salon is greater than body space of its predecessor. The model is fitted with standard equipment, in particular Subaruís worship four-wheel drive (FWD) drivetrain.

Developers and designers of Subaru suggest that the Levorg will present one of the most improved cabins of Subaru using a large quantity of upmarket consumables. Sports seats covered with leather and exclusive for Levorg blue colour stitching are considered to be standard as well as Subaru`s dashboard infotainment electronics with sensor display of 7,0 inches, connectivity and vehicle navigation system. Leather finishes in large quantities are used in design of the car salon, in particular leather-appointed door trim, the centre console and in the upper part of multifunctional display placed on the instrument panel.

In contrast to the Subaru Levorg that takes advantage of smaller size of outer dimensions as compared to the Legacy Tourer of the fourth generation, the recent model of sport tourer provides customers with a greater functionality.

Passengers can derive pleasure not only from big-sized space of a car salon in comparison with the previous Legacy Tourer but also the spacious boot with a capacity of 522 litre that can be increased to 1,446 litres if the second row of seats are folded down. This gives a possibility of providing enough space for keeping various items, in particular sports gear or luggage. Easy operation and practicality were taken into account in the construction of the Levorg. For that reason owners of an auto wonít experience the shortage of space regardless of compact footprint of a car.

In the UK customers can acquire the Levorg equipped with one engine: a recently-manufactured DIT (Direct Injection Turbo) Boxer petrol engine with a capacity of 1,6 litre. A perfectly improved powertrain along with ideally smooth Subaruís Lineartronic (CVT) transmission will be suggested to customers.

The innovative 1,6 litre DIT power supply unit suggests the performance equal to Subaruís 2,5 litre opposed engine in spite of smaller size. Developed with the aim of using in the Levorg, the principally new four-cylinder engine is able of producing 170 PS and 250 Nm of torque. The principally new four-cylinder engine is characterized by trouble-free electric power supply and increased efficiency as compared to the previous Subaru engines. Adaptability is its main feature as it ensures power supply for various engine speeds and ideally suitable for using the car as a sports model.

The Subaru Levorg is able of increasing speed from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 8,9 seconds whereas it can reach approximately 40 miles per gallon while operating on a combined cycle. Emissions reach 164 g/km. With the help of Subaruís popular Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, system of roadholding and torque vectoring system the drivetrain of Levorg guarantees unsurpassed stability in any conditions.

Subaruís reputation of a developer of cars distinguished by the high level of safety on roads will be maintained by its latest model named Subaru Levorg. These safe autos are fitted with a robust, light vehicle body and different passive and active safety technologies.

The new auto possesses a greater proportion of ultra strong steel in comparison with other versions of the Subaru lineup including the Impreza which body consists of 50% of robust but lightweight steel designed with the aim of achieving maximum possible crashworthiness.

The Subaru Levorg has a standard equipment including the innovative ĎSubaru Rear Vehicle Detectioní system (SRVD) providing information about vehicles which are driving behind. The following three technologies are included in a complete package of protective functionality: Blind Spot Detection warning drivers about cars in their blind areas; Lane Change Assist detecting rapidly approaching autos behind when a driver is going to move into other traffic lane; and Rear Cross Traffic Alert warning about vehicles moving transversally behind the auto while reversing out of a parking lot.

Besides, Levorg is fitted with SI Drive (Subaru Intelligent Drive) providing the driver with a possibility of choosing one of two operating modes by means of switching on the steering wheel depending on mood or the driving conditions Ė Intelligent mode or Sport mode.

With the aim of guaranteeing class-leading vehicle handling the Levorg is equipped with Active Torque Vectoring (ATV) as WRX STI and new Outback. ATV efficiently brakes the inside wheels at the moment of heavy turning movement and equitably distributes greater torque beyond the car salon decreasing roll understeer and oversteer increasing predictability and controlling course through corners.

It is anticipated that the Levorg will be awarded the highest possible five-star safety rating by crash test authority Euro NCAP for using safety technologies, front, front side, curtain and knee air cushions, front seats lessening whiplash injuries and High Beam Assist.

Subaru Levorg (2016) Subaru Levorg (2016) Subaru Levorg (2016) Subaru Levorg (2016)