Suzuki Celerio (2015)

Suzuki Celerio (2015)

Suzuki Celerio (2015)

Suzuki is a famous producer of small autos and its model Suzuki Celerio is distinguished by easiness of operation as other vehicles of the Suzuki brand and herewith ensures higher level of driver’s seat and interior space exceeding common A-segment autos. Besides, capacity of a luggage carrier reaches 254L taking the lead in its class.

The SZ2 model was added to the lineup in July 2015, its standard features comprise six air cushions (driver-side airbag, airbags for passengers, side airbags and curtain), Electronic Stability Programme, the system allowing a driver to monitor tyre pressure, DAB radio and CD tuner.

Air conditioning system, alloy wheels, USB port and connectivity to Bluetooth devices are provided as complementary specification of the SZ3 model.

In addition, innovative characteristics of the model include polished alloy wheels, door mirrors of the same colour as car body, chrome radiator grille, fog headlights, electric heated door mirrors, electric heated rearview mirrors and four car speakers.

Suzuki Celerio features low level of CO2 emissions of 99 g/km and fuel usage of 65.7 miles per gallon based on the EC combined cycle and even lower rate, provided that the Dualjet engine is used. The current model added to the lineup in April 2015 is characterized by even higher rate of fuel efficiency and carbon emissions reduced to 84g/km due to the application of Suzuki’s innovative Dualjet engine technology. Suzuki Celerio has been recognized as the most environmentally friendly car thanks to the K10C Dualjet engine. Its selling price reaches £10,000 OTR.

The modeling line of Suzuki has been also replenished with recently engineered AGS (Auto Gear Shift) in April 2015. This mechanism represents an Intelligent Shift Control Actuator placed in the upper part of the transmission. The actuation of gear shift control lever and clutch is automatic.

AGS proves a driver with trouble-free driving especially in urban traffic but herewith the vehicle doesn’t lack fuel economy.

Gorgeous look featuring dynamics is provided thanks to smooth outline of press, image of the car body with a salon creating the impression of convenience and aerodynamics improved by means of edge processing.

Six colours used in the design of exterior comprising three metal hues enforce appeal of the auto. Paint of metal colour is available as a supplementary option at a price of £415.

The following exclusive peculiarities of the car provide occupants of an auto with such facilities as spacious car salon, class-leading capacity of a luggage carrier, easy operation and perfect maneuvering performance, seating capacity.

Car models of Suzuki feature obviously controversial details in the design of a car salon and tendency to reduce dimensions to the greatest possible extent. Suzuki managed to create a spacious and convenient salon in a compact vehicle with an overall length of 3,600 mm and width reaching 1,600 mm. The passengers can enjoy roomy overhead area ensured thanks to the non-sloping line of the roof.

The wheelbase with the total length of 2,425 mm guarantees the legroom distance of 743 mm providing passengers with spacious seating area in a salon. Besides, insulation materials used in the design of interior have contributed to creation of calm environment. In the market sector where autos with five seats are sold as standard Suzuki Celerio faces only one rival.

The engineering team of Suzuki pursued the idea of developing unpretentious and innovative interior by means of a symmetrical construction. They have managed to attain perception of space which had been expanded with the help of outer coating and flat top surface for the instrument panel.

Black was chosen as prevailing colour of the interior whereas the basic fabric for seats is blue appeared as dots in order to match the colour of exterior and black upholstery on the sides of the seats.

Using a torsion beam with flattened tip in the construction of rear suspension allowed to increase robustness of underbody and reduce floor height of the luggage compartment that guarantees class-leading capacity of a luggage carrier that reaches 254 litres while rear seats are in straight position and 726 litres when they are folded.

One of the main advantages of the model is easy loading of an auto. Width of the opening area in a luggage carrier reaches 1,020 mm whereas its greatest length is 751 mm and height of the car tailgate has been maintained at a low level of 682 mm.

Maintenance costs for a Suzuki Celerio are insignificant during a standard period of three years during which service interval reaches 12,500 miles. Fitting with the Dualjet engine allows to further lower maintenance costs that suggests that the volume of combined fuel usage can reach 78,4 mpg.

Along with the excellent maneuverability of the compact car body characterized by tight turns of 9,4 metres, the Suzuki Celerio is equipped with high-mounted gear shift lever. Entering and leaving the vehicle are easier thanks to the high level of seating position and big size of side door.

The Suzuki Celerio is equipped with engines of two different types fitted with three cylinders. The Dualjet technology was used in the construction of the engines as well as recently offered K10C.

Concurrently with the introduction of the new model Celerio, Suzuki has reduced weight and friction in the high performance K10B engine that was applied for the first time in the models named the Alto and Splash.

Suzuki has managed to achieve a level of CO2 emissions of 84g/km thanks to the application of an Engine Auto Stop Start system (EASS) and high performance recently designed K10C power train. Besides, improved aerodynamic characteristics have also contributed to the reduction of emissions.

Recently developed ‘Auto Gear Shift’ (AGS) was designed for Suzuki Celerio SZ4 and presented in the United Kingdom in April 2015. It offers an electro-hydraulic device automatically actuating the gear-change shift lever.

Suzuki Celerio (2015) Suzuki Celerio (2015) Suzuki Celerio (2015) Suzuki Celerio (2015)