Maserati Quattroporte (2017)

Maserati Quattroporte (2017)

Maserati Quattroporte (2017)

The Maserati Quattroporte has passed through considerable modification of its style after absolute success in the external market where it enjoyed great popularity during three and a half years. New style of the model emphasizes its gracefulness not changing individuality of Maserati.

The modified Maserati Quattroporte, reflecting the essence of Italian sport car salons, has been launched in June 2016 and is intended to maintain its popularity since 2013. After its original showcase more than 24 000 people in 72 countries have acquired the symbolic Maserati model.

An innovative design of bumper along with body profile of matte black colour at the front part and the extractor of the same colour at the rear part features the modified exterior of Quattroporte. The designers made the radiator grille more tapering and impressive. The front grille is distinguished by innovative chrome details placed vertically opposing the intensity of the shark nose shape. Other specific elements of the new Quattroporte model include side skirts of matte black colour and outside rear view mirrors which have undergone insignificant changing of style to comprise peculiar technical details.

An electrically regulated Air Shutter has been placed in the radiator grille between air outlets and the radiator of the engine. The temperature of treated engineís fluid can be controlled in the optimal way and, along with the adjusting the performance of the recently developed bumpers at the front and rear parts of a car body, air conveyor system and flat bottom, enhances the aerodynamic drag coefficient of the auto by 10%.

The perfection of the automotive interior was performed with the aim of achieving the faultlessness of the car by means of emphasizing exceptionally functional units. This aim is achieved with the help of combining the details of innovative interface with the dashboard infotainment electronics and tunnel console.

In particular, high resolution display supporting multi-touch functionality is integrated into the redeveloped central dashboard.

The equipment of Maserati model is currently distinguished by combining the display, innovative system for climate control and drawer as an inseparable whole featuring faultless design that highlights the image of Quattroporte.

The designers have also modified the central lower console that is currently equipped with a rotary knob intended for adjusting volume and controlling function. Besides, a new lid and storage compartment have been created. The central part of the dashboard can be designed according minimalistic style as it is allowed by stylistic principles.

The mirroring features of the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone are appropriate for the innovative vehicle infotainment system.

An additional equipment of the new Quattroporte model is an innovative set of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

An air quality sensor is included in all Maserati Quattroporte autos and presents an equipment that considerably raises the level of passengersí and driverís comfort. This interior packaging comprises a smart sensor and system conducting signal analysis, estimating the rate of external air contamination and stops entering of contaminated air and toxical gases into the car salon.

From the very beginning of its career Maserati has demonstrated the ideal combination of magnificence and sportive features.

Along with the modification of the Quattroporte model Maserati meets demanding requirements of its customers by providing them with two variants of car salon finishing featuring the two cornerstones of the trademark: GranLusso and GranSport.

The Quattroporte GTS presenting the ultimate model in the lineup is characterized by two variants of equipping: the GranLusso or GranSport finishing as constituent of the conventional package.

Every version of finishing is intended to meet the requirements of clients and suggests a peculiar and exclusive commodity in the segment of luxury sedan.

GranLusso and GranSport can be recognized at first sight due to their distinguishing design of exterior and exceptional interior.

The trim of GranLusso gives a new meaning to the general idea of luxury in a race-bred developed luxury sedan with the help of raising convenience of a car salon.

Upmarket materials and specific peculiarities compliant with the unsurpassed tradition of Italian skillfulness contribute to improving the rate of luxury.

The GranSport trim emphasizes the sportive features of the Maserati Quattroporte and simultaneously improves the aggressive look of the auto.

Redeveloped front and back seats of the Maserati Quattroporte enhance sporty running characteristics whereas an innovative sport steering wheel comprising carbon fibre or covered exceptionally with leather provides a highlighted individuality.

Gaining sporty experience is ensured thanks to the glossy Piano Black wood-tone finish on the dashboard, the newly designed sports seat, the steering wheel complemented with gearbox paddles made of aluminium and non-corrosive steel pedals.

The additional Exterior Carbon Pack designed for the GranSport finish provides another possibility of satisfying the needs of customers and is capable of improving the auto exterior. This set comprises outside mirrors, door handles, center pillar cover and the profile of the front bumper made of carbon fibre.

Following its traditions the Quattroporte provides an extensive variety of engines and transmissions including the Quattroporte GTS actuated by the enormous capacity of 530 horsepower. Besides, rear wheel drive is able to achieve maximum torque of 710 Nm and increase the speed of an auto to 310 kilometers per hour.

Every Quattroporte model is equipped with advanced ZF automatically actuated eight-speed transmission and Skyhook shock absorbers. Load distribution features perfect proportions of 50:50. The constructions of chassis, car body and suspension were made using a significant amount of aluminium.

Maserati Quattroporte (2017) Maserati Quattroporte (2017)