Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta (2017)

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta (2017)

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta (2017)

The exceptional key values of Ferrari including technological superiority, capacity, stylishness and uniqueness are ideally demonstrated by the auto created with the aim of marking the 70th anniversary of the companyís establishing. The LaFerrari Aperta intended for the most committed amateurs of Ferrari presents the innovative series in a limited quantity, an open-top variant of the acknowledged LaFerrari super auto.

Fitted with a carbon-fibre hard top (additional) and soft top, the LaFerrari Aperta possesses technical characteristics which are identical to the LaFerrari. Besides, it is distinguished by the combination of outstanding performance and the exceptional enjoyment from open-top driving. Its hybrid power unit is identical to the coupe and complemented with a 120 kW electric motor providing total output capacity of a 963 cv. The software for controlling powertrain has been modified by developers of Maranello with the aim of raising its total fuel economy but they havenít modified the dynamic controlling systems which became an integral part of the aerodynamics package.

The most complicated task in developing the LaFerrari Aperta presented creating a convertible automobile capable of pushing to the extreme limits identical to the coupe. The efforts of the Styling Centre were focused on keeping the previous aesthetic characteristics of the initial LaFerrari model as far as possible. The smooth line accurately dividing the cockpit from the vehicle body remained unmodified. The designers have changed only details placed higher the level of the waistline.

Completely overwhelming results have been achieved due to concentrating on the developing of chassis and aerodynamics of a vehicle. The maximum speed of the LaFerrari Aperta reaches more than 350 km/h. The auto is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 3 seconds and from 0 to 200 km/h during 7.1 seconds.

Particular emphasis was placed on the exceptional and particular kind of open-top driving. The open vehicle body provides unique exciting driving thanks to the hybrid power unit ensuring an exhilarating soundtrack.

Hybrid approach has been implemented in the developing construction of the LaFerrari Apertaís powertrain which is identical to the LaFerrariís unit. Its overall capacity reaches 963 cv in the result of combining an 800 cv 6262 cc V12 and a 120 kW electric motor. This model of Ferrari is characterized by the maximum capacity and fuel economy among all other autos of the company ever created due to the HY-KERS system.

The V12 is ideally harmonizes with the electric motor smoothly integrating benefits of both units. The developers managed to improve the output of internal combustion engine that allowed to achieve a peak torque of 900 Nm.

The 6,262 cc V12 represents the most high-performance naturally-aspirated engine used by Ferrari autos intended for use on public roads. Its outstanding operating performance is explained by achieving 800 cv and spinning to 9,250 rpm. This undoubted success has been accomplished with the help of rigorous honing of engine efficiency.

With the aim of increasing volumetric efficiency the V12 uses intakes of adjustable length that was a cornerstone in the technology of F1 engine before banning due to the alteration of rules. This approach allows to balance engine output.

Therewith, the whole intake system was developed with the aim of reaching the highest level of internal fluid dynamics. The engine is also characterized by an extraordinary high 13.5:1 degree of compression intended to achieving the ultimate combustion chamber performance.

The soundtrack of engine is of great importance for occupantsí comfort: its thorough adjusting allowed to harmonize engine sound.

Ferrariís developers pursued the goal of equipping the new model with the running gear identical to the LaFerrari coupe and for that reason they were focused on the construction of chassis and creation of aerodynamics package.

Concerning the chassis the engineers concentrated completely on the lower section as it had to be strengthened due to susceptibility to various impacts resulted by force lines.

The construction of the rotating doors also required reconsideration as the roof was excluded. The Aperta possesses double-wing doors as the LaFerrari coupe but at the moment of full opening they are at insignificant different angle due to modification intended to maintain safety required by its open-top configuration.

Keeping extraordinary performance of the coupe in terms of aerodynamic characteristics presented the most important challenge for the Maranello developers. They pursued the goal of creating the drag figure identical to the LaFerrari even while driving in an auto without the hard top.

The angle of radiators inclination was changed in order to control the flow of hot air passing from the radiators through the bonnet. In the LaFerrari Aperta the radiating masses are positioned in such a way that the air flow is directed out along the body bottom. This approach allowed to completely separate the hot air form the air flow passing into a driverís cab and maintain comfortable temperature.

The engineers developed an integrated system to provide convenient aerodynamic conditions in an open-top auto. The air flow passing at high speed into the driverís cabin is captured with the help of a wind-stop.

LaFerrari Aperta is distinguished by avant-garde tendency of the coupe, an auto reflecting close interaction between the engineering work, manufacturing technology departments and Styling Centre of Ferrari. The car body is characterized by high aerodynamic functionality and sculptural shapes. Its smooth lines give the impression of enormous power whereas the nose and tail section possess sportive features.

The basic outlines are determined by means of graphic emphasis of a contrasting colour. The seat upholstery is made of leather in combination with Starlite Alcantara.

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta (2017) Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta (2017)