Fiat 500S (2017)

Fiat 500S (2017)

Fiat 500S (2017)

Fiat 500S presents the innovative variant distinguished by greater sportiness, impudent appearance and a complete set of standard equipment. The model is offered in two variants: sedan and an auto with a convertible body and intended for young cars users wishing to have a car featuring expressed sporty individuality. The symbolic Fiat has been developed to encounter forthcoming difficulties of the market while simultaneously remaining committed to its long traditions. The car has been designed by the Fiat Style Centre and underwent updating of the exterior and interior that improved its attractiveness. Its size has not been increased but it is fitted with more diverse technology. The model is designed with the aim of meeting customers’ requirements: it has been provided with characteristics allowing to transform it into a perfection. Fiat 500S presents the following breakthrough and complements the New 500 lineup, one of the most extensive offerings in the given sector and available in such variants as sedan and convertible vehicle, three versions of equipment packages (Pop, Lounge and Sport), seven Euro 6 variants of engine, three kinds of transmissions and ten variants of colouring a vehicle body including pastel, metallic shades, consisting of three layers and matte hues.

Both variants of Fiat 500S – sedan and convertible vehicle possess more sporty front and rear bumpers. Herewith, the first model is equipped with built-in anti-fog headlights whereas the latter offers side skirts and special spoiler. Besides, it also stands out for the paint coating “Sating Graphite“ on certain parts of the vehicle.

The innovative details include the 15" alloy rims painted with “Satin Graphite“ coating and the additional 16" rims. The color range intended to improve the impudent look of 500F offers innovative colours Italia Blue and Alpi Green.

The harmonious combination of a black seat and roof lining, door panels of contrasting colours and edging of seats offered in blue, white and yellow colours has been used with the aim of refining the New 500S interior. Interiors carried out with leather and white or blue elements can be provided on the customer’s demand. Besides, “Satin Graphite“ elements placed on the vehicle fascia panel and control wheel serve as decoration of the car salon.

To sum up, the convertible vehicle Fiat 500S Cabrio possesses all the beneficial peculiarities of the sedan car comprising appropriate outer dimensions, convenient seats and perfect engines from the perspective of output, fuel efficiency and environment protection. The moveable roof improves the contours of an auto. In further detail, the smooth line of the Fiat 500S Cabrio upper part is notable for its graceful moving by means of electrical operation and its accurately chosen technical characteristics. Herewith, the Fiat 500S Cabrio has borrowed the robust sides from the conventional variant and for that reason it is suitable for using throughout a year.

The New 500S suits faultless engines with economic fuel consumption distinguished by even higher environmental safety and it was proved by the confirmation of meeting performance standards. Fitted with mechanical gearbox available in five- or six-speed variant or including the automated Dualogic, the engine lineup comprises the 1.3 16v Multijet II 95 HP turbocharged diesel engine and the 1.2 69 HP, the 1.4 16v 100 HP and the 0.9 gasoline engines named TwinAir.

The most successful diesel engine among other contemporary variants is the 1.3 Multijet 95 HP that can be used for equipping the New 500S and stands out for the low level of CO2 emissions and compliance with Euro 6 standards. Besides, the engine is characterized by perfect performance. In order to get up speed from 0 to 100 km/h the engine needs 10.7 seconds whereas the maximum speed reaches 180 km/h. Other advantages of the engine include fuel economy and environmental friendliness: it consumes 3.4 litres of diesel fuel while running 100 kilometers. The New 500 has reached the following achievement: it is the first auto in its segment, along with Fiat Panda, that is equipped with an engine running on diesel.

The dashboard includes a UconnectTM 7" HD LIVE sensor display with features of a tablet and high definition screen attached as a standard set of equipment. It is complemented with numerous functions comprising UconnectTM LIVE services as a conventional option, Bluetooth device that can be operated without holding in one’s hands, speech recognition and multiple opportunities for listening to music supplementing FM/AM radio. Multimedia equipment can be connected by means of USB or additional plug connector of 3.5 mm.

Digital audio broadcasting and the integrated TomTom vehicle navigation system can be provided on demand in addition to the UconnectTM 7" HD LIVE.

The newest audio equipment of the brand Beats by Dr. Dre has been developed with the aim of radically changing the quality of sound while listening to music in a car salon. If desired, a driver can complement his car with the BeatsAudio TM sound system – the result of collaboration with Beats by Dr. Dre. The overall output of BeatsAudio TM sound system reaches 440 watts.

In further detail, the BeatsAudio TM audio system includes 8-channel power amplifier; two dome twitters mounted in the pillars of the front part of an auto; two midwoofers; two loudspeaker drive units placed on the back side panels and one subwoofer in the compartment for spare wheel storage.

The instrument panel recently developed according to the thin film transistor technology serves as an addition to the new 500S and provides completely digital driving practice but in spite of this it keeps the conventional arrangement of instruments on a panel.

The New 500S is considered to be one of the reliable autos in the whole segment. This quality has been proved by the fitting with seven air cushions provided as standard equipment and a supplement to contemporary systems aimed at achieving excellent controlling an auto.

Besides, the New 500S possesses dynamic characteristics and conditions for providing comfortable driving. The mentioned characteristics are improved by means of the suspension arrangement: the front equipment presents a McPherson independent adjustment whereas the rear suspension offers wheels interacting with a torsion beam. With the aim of achieving easy vehicle manageability and maximum comfort while driving the developers reconsidered and created both configurations taking into account a Magneti Marelli design.

Fiat 500S (2017) Fiat 500S (2017) Fiat 500S (2017) Fiat 500S (2017)