Hyundai i10 (2017)

Hyundai i10 (2017)

Hyundai i10 (2017)

Hyundai i10 has received updated equipment intended for active safety and connectivity whereas its design has been modified, in particular, the developers offer an innovative Cascading front grille.

With the aim of increasing emotional attractiveness of the auto appearance innovative Hyundai i10 features numerous improvements, one of which is the latest Cascading front grille. It possesses smooth lines and will embody a new image among other Hyundai autos in future prosperity. Innovative Hyundai i10 will differentiate form other models of this brand by the mentioned peculiarity of design.

In its front part the New i10 is distinguished by an original design of bumper and LED running lamps of round shape for driving during the daytime which are placed at the sides of the innovative Cascading grille. At the back of the car the design of a bumper is modified, in particular, New i10 stands out for enhanced materials on the back-up lamps, an innovative encrustment of black colour and rear fog lights. Modified side mouldings are characterized by the updated shape and another size.

New i10 features such transformations of the interior as a peculiar hue of red fabric. Besides, all interior finishes are offered in two variants: blue and black colours.

Innovative model Hyundai i10 features an original design of steel or alloy wheel. The top-ranked package of New i10 in the segment has undergone improvements of ride and handling performance by means of increasing a bump stopper in the front part of the vehicle and transformation of the variable-ratio steering gear.

Like the previous model, New i10 will be offered in two variants of gasoline-powered engine: with capacity of 1.0-litre or 1.25-litre. Actuating the front wheels is available using manual with five options of speed or automated gearboxes with four variants of speed. The BlueDriveTM version on the basis of the 1.0-litre gasoline model comprises peculiarities necessary for fuel saving.

The New i10 provides increasing number of users with cutting-edge technology. Meeting the requirements of clients New i10 possesses the newest connectivity options incorporated into the touch-sensitive navigation equipment. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ensure faultless functioning of mobile communicators on the basis of iOS or the Android controlling system. With the aim of upgrading the navigation equipment New i10 is offered with a no-charge subscription for a period of seven years to providing LIVE Services ensuring actual time road conditions, information about weather and objects worth seeing along with the position of fixed safety camera in the countries enabling it by law. New i10 presents a single model in its entire class that combines Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and LIVE Services in the same infotainment equipment.

Regarding safety New i10 currently is characterized by two cutting-edge peculiarities intended to prevent road traffic incident and representing the innovative camera with numerous options: equipment detecting whether a crash is imminent and a system designed to warn a driver when an auto strays out of its lane. With the help of front camera detectors the first system provides a driver with the information about possibilities of crash by means of acoustic and visual signals. The second system gives a signal about insecure movements during driving at a speed exceeding 60 km/h and generates an alarm signal.

In terms of comfort the New i10 possesses the proved set of its prototype’s diverse features: automated air conditioning system, heated steering wheel and heating of front seats ensuring perfect driving in any weather. The car salon holds up to five occupants whereas the volume of luggage compartment reaches 252 litres.

Since the moment of Hyundai i10 presentation in 2008 more approximately 670 000 models have been sold by July 2016 ensuring a remarkable achievement for Hyundai Motor. Due to that success the car has been considered to be one of the most sold autos in the mentioned segment in recent times.

The initial i10 model thanks to its exceptional price-performance ratio reached the sales level of more than million units during the period from 2008 to 2014 years. After its introduction in the end of 2013 the i10 version of the second generation really turned into a European auto - its concept was offered by the employees of Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center located in Rüsselsheim, Germany whereas Hyundai Assan Otomotive Sanayi of Izmit city in Turkey produced it.

Over 220 000 models of Hyundai i10 belonging to the second generation and possessing contemporary design and perfect driving qualities have been sold during three years.

Hyundai i10 (2017) Hyundai i10 (2017) Hyundai i10 (2017) Hyundai i10 (2017)