Skoda Kodiaq (2017)

Skoda Kodiaq (2017)

Skoda Kodiaq (2017)

The Skoda Kodiaq presents the first big-sized sports utility vehicle of the Czech auto producer. Since the beginning of 2017, the newest auto of Skoda will be demonstrated along with all advantages of the brand: a design showing highly expressed character, uncommon inner space, capability to operate intelligently and cutting-edge technology inherent exceptionally to higher auto categories.

In terms of exterior design the Skoda Kodiaq suits for such purposes as business activities and spending free time with family. The diverse character of the auto includes impudent interaction of sophisticated lines, sportive silhouette and endurance.

Every line of the Skoda Kodiaq is distinct, accurate and well-defined – this relates, for instance, to the shoulder outline. The distinguishing look of the Skoda Kodiaq is provided with the narrow-width headlamps smoothly blending into the radiator grille.

Dimensions of the Skoda Kodiaq allow it to occupy a place at the upper part of the compact auto sector. Its length reaches 4,697 mm, the width is 1,882 mm, the height is estimated to be 1,676 mm (this figure involves roof bars) whereas the wheelbase of the auto reaches 2,791 mm. The Kodiaq’s construction has been developed on the basis of Volkswagen Group’s strategy named modular transverse matrix that suggests necessity of accurate easy construction.

Such qualities of the auto as torsional rigidity, accuracy of production, comfort while driving and resistance to impact are characterized by supremacy.

The space of the Skoda Kodiaq’s car salon exceeds the length of the Skoda OCTAVIA by 40 mm but possesses the interior which size is more than average interior space in the sports utility vehicle sector.

Besides, the interior of big-sized sports utility vehicles is distinguished by protectiveness and endurance. The interior is created using impudent vertical details, in particular, the four big-sized air inlets.

The volume of Skoda Kodiaq’s boot is considered to be the largest in its segment and reaches from 720 to 2,065 I (while the back seats are lowered). The TDI/DSG/4×4 parameters of the drivetrain allow to drag a trailer which weight can be up to 2.5 tonnes.

Skoda guarantees functionality and comfortable support in daily life that is specific to this trademark. These features comprise, in particular, door edges safety that helps to avoid collision with a wall in the garage or other auto nearby.

Skoda possesses diverse systems assisting a driver in the driving process which present exceptionally in higher auto segments. Some of them are offered as a standard set of equipment whereas others are provided as additional variant.

The system named Tow Assist is capable of taking over steering while slow changing the direction. Besides, while an auto is reversing the innovative Manoeuvre Assist brakes after indicating a hindering object.

The Area View equipment also presents a novelty of the trademark: the cameras intended for surround view along with the side mirrors of the model Skoda Kodiaq ensure instant imaging of all surrounding objects on the screen.

Front Assist comprising City Emergency Brake is offered as a constituent of the standard equipment and is capable of identifying hazardous situations on a traffic road by means of radar.

Adaptive Cruise Control also operates with the help of radar, assists the driver in supporting the chosen speed and keeping the prudent distance between the Skoda Kodiaq and the vehicle in front of the auto.

Thanks to the innovative and leading-edge mobile online access Skoda features navigation with an updated dimension, providing information and entertaining. Simultaneously, Skoda Connect offers remote connection to the auto along with support.

Skoda Connect is divided into two categories: the first system supplies information by means of the system Infotainment Online comprising data about traffic, online news and other information depending on a driver’s interests whereas the second system offers data about the specifics of real-time navigation.

The music and infotainment equipment of the Skoda Kodiaq is developed in accordance with the newest technology and characterized by rapid operation, cutting-edge options and user interfaces.

The Swing infotainment equipment fitted with a display of 6.5 inches is offered as a standard set and available with a Bluetooth option for smartphone or Skoda SmartLink that maintains the application of such systems as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink TM in the auto.

The lineup of Skoda Kodiaq consists of five powertrains, two TDI and three TSI engines. Their volume capacity reaches 1.4 and 2.0 litres whereas output capacity varies from 92 kW to 140 kW.

The 2.0 TDI is offered in two variants. The power output of the first variant is 110 kW. The best engine in the lineup generates 140 kW. The maximum speed capability of the most efficient engine in the big-sized SUV reaches 210 km/h.

The developers propose the Skoda Kodiaq model manufactured in accordance with diverse transmission technologies. Different versions of engine can be divided into models with 6-speed manual gearbox or variants fitted with DSG transmissions offering six or seven options of speed.

The DSG with seven options of speed is available in the two following variants: the automated D and S mode. Besides, a driver can manipulate it by hand with the help of the transmission control lever or the steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

The four-wheel-drive equipment complemented with electronic regulator is provided for the majority of engine models. It considerably improves vehicle traction coefficient, sustainability and road safety.

The Skoda Kodiaq continues to move even in off-road conditions. A driver can choose off-road mode by touching a button that is available as an additional option of the four-wheel-drive models and complemented with Driving Mode Select.

Skoda Kodiaq (2017) Skoda Kodiaq (2017) Skoda Kodiaq (2017) Skoda Kodiaq (2017)