Nissan Rogue (2017)

Nissan Rogue (2017)

Nissan Rogue (2017)

The famous Nissan Rogue currently comprises the most extensive variety of state-of-the-art technology peculiarities than previously. In particular, such earlier technologies as Blind Spot Warning using radar and Rear Cross Traffic Alert System have been included in the list of the former safety features of Nissan.

Two recently introduced complementary Safety Shield features represent Intelligent Cruise Control and system detecting possible forward obstacles. Intelligent Cruise Control operates by means of radar with the aim of keeping a required distance between the Nissan Rogue and the other auto in front of it.

Both systems ensure warnings on a screen in the form of sound and visual messages in order to caution a driver about a possible collision with the auto ahead and assists in decreasing speed if required. In the case of inevitable collision the system is capable of involving the brakes to support diminishing the speed along with the degree of crash severity. Besides, the equipment can contribute to either preventing collisions with pedestrians ahead with the help of a system using camera for detecting human silhouettes.

The mentioned systems are provided as additional options for Rogue SL as a constituent of the innovative Platinum Package.

The system NissanConnectSM offered as standard equipment provides colour sensor screen of 7 inches, speech recognition and the provision of information about the outcomes of sport competitions, upcoming movies, market costs, weather forecasts and others.

Additional services comprise Automatic Crash Notification, automatic call in a case of emergency and Stolen Vehicle Locator. Besides, you can choose systems for reminding about necessity to check the oil, tires or perform other kinds of maintenance activities and receive diagnostic information about your vehicle’s health. Remote Access presents another distinguishing peculiarity with assistance available by means of a computer or smartphone. Other features include wireless control of locking your auto’s doors and an opportunity of finding your vehicle in the parking lot by sounding the horn and flashing the lights.

In addition, NissanConnect Services ensures a possibility of alerts by means of email, text messages or phone calls accepted automatically.

Nissan Rogue provides a system for identifying moving objects using four cameras placed on the front and back parts of a vehicle and its sides in order to ensure 360 degree view of objects surrounding the auto.

Audio systems comprise the four-speaker AM/FM/CD audio equipment fitted with colour screen of 5 inches, USB connection port and other features.

Besides, Nissan Rogue of all types is equipped with such a standard feature as the Advanced Drive-Assist TM placed in the central part of the dashboard.

In conclusion, High Beam Assist headlamps, which are typical for Nissan Rogue SL, possess an option allowing to choose high or low beam setting automatically and return to the previous option if required.

Nissan Rogue (2017) Nissan Rogue (2017) Nissan Rogue (2017) Nissan Rogue (2017)