Ram Rebel Mopar (2016)

Ram Rebel Mopar (2016)

Ram Rebel Mopar (2016)

The presentation of the Mopar '16 Ram Rebel, an auto manufactured in a limited quantity by means of original choosing vital parts and other details from the customer support trademark of FCA US LLC, was exposed by the Ram Truck and Mopar brands.

The Mopar '16 Ram Rebel will reflect a limited manufacturing of only 500 autos, complemented with Mopar Custom Shop features. Supplementary details and accessories can be provided by the auto dealer offering even extra adjusting to the demand of customers.

The Mopar '16 Ram Rebel represents the first offering of Mopar- transformed autos issued in a limited number and intended for the truck sector. Its previous models include the Mopar '10 Dodge Challenger, Mopar '11 Charger, Mopar '12 Chrysler 300 and others as evidence of Mopar’s characteristics.

The model is equipped with the Ram 1500 4×4 rebel Crew Cab, constructed at the Warren Truck Assembly Plant in Michigan. Customers can choose one of two colour variants: bicolour Flame Red/Brilliant Black or monochromatic Brilliant Black.

Specific elements developed for the Mopar '16 improve the exceptional interior of the Rebel and comprise a hood made of aluminium and possessing sport characteristics decorated with special graphic of matte black colour. A Mopar stripe combining blue and black colours is used for laying special emphasis on the vehicle sides and the tailgate.

Besides, the set of features includes a skid plate with the aim of protection of the power steering box. It serves as a replacement of a skid plate belonging to a front bumper. Wheels of satin black colour harmonize with blackened front part and allow to achieve steadiness and visual attractiveness.

The package also comprises a HEMI® engine with a capacity of 5.7 litres supplemented with an automatic transmission named TorqueFlite and having eight options of speed, transfer box and front-wheel suspension skid plates, piped side steps of black colour and others.

Additional details and accessories can be provided by the dealer for customers wishing to receive customization of the following level.

As well as former Mopar autos produced in a limited quantity, the Mopar'16 Ram Rebel is offered with documents involving information about its specifications.

The auto will be offered in the U.S. and Canada, with a recommended initial retail price of $52,460.

Ram Rebel Mopar (2016) Ram Rebel Mopar (2016) Ram Rebel Mopar (2016) Ram Rebel Mopar (2016) Ram Rebel Mopar (2016)