Renault Alaskan (2017)

Renault Alaskan (2017)

Renault Alaskan (2017)

Renault puts Renault Alaskan, an auto with a pick-up body, into the public domain. The model is developed in accordance with an entirely innovative concept and distinguished by a gorgeous appearance with an impressive front-end. Featuring reliability and convenience, Alaskan offers unconventional comfort during driving improved by means of an advanced five-link rear suspension and a rigid, completely boxed frame. Besides, Alaskan is characterized by high performance, inventively created auto comprising uncommon off-road capability, class-leading fuel efficiency and the Renault dCi engine with a capacity of 2.3 litres. Furthermore, Renault offers numerous services, conversions and minor details using its LCV expert knowledge with the aim of satisfying diverse customersí requirements.

After the presentation in Latin America in 2015 of Renault Duster Oroch, a pick-up weighting half a tone, Renault has set itself a target in the market of pick-up autos. It is estimated that the annual sales of the mentioned market reach five million autos in the world: this corresponds to more than one-third of the LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) throughout the world. On the basis of its leading in Europe position among LCV trademarks held during 18 years and its strong presence in South-America and Africa, Groupe Renault is focused on producing Alaskan models in three industrial facilities. Alaskan is introduced in the Latin American markets in which Renault is a long-term participant. At first, it will be sold in Columbia.

Distinguished by high endurance and convenience Alaskan is an efficient and inventively developed auto. Created in France, Japan and Latin America, Alaskan presents a truly global commodity suitable for meeting customersí demand. The extensive list of offered vehicle body variants varies from single cab to double cab and cars with wide and narrow bodies. Additionally, Renault proposes numerous services, customized conversions and minor details to satisfy needs of clients.

The name Alaskan is derived from the Alert word "ALASKA" that has a meaning "Great Land". It evokes images of untouched landscapes and presents an invitation to follow the desire for having adventure.

The appearance of Renault Alaskan that strengthens its status is perfectly suitable for the aesthetic requirements of the clients belonging to this segment and simultaneously implies identity of Renault trademark. The autoís superb lines feature peculiarities of Renault design that offers a contemporary, enjoyable visual entering the world of pick-up cars.

Regarding innovative trademark identity of Renault it should be mentioned that Alaskan includes a big-sized chrome grill, a glossy trim of black colour and a chrome riser bar placed between the radiator grill and the bumper. The powerful lines of the bonnet strengthen the visual force. Besides, the model possesses an outstanding logotype causing the feeling of pride.

The innovative five-link rear suspension ensures perfect on-road performance and first-class convenience for all occupants of an auto without prejudice to cross-country capacity and robustness.

Convenience during driving is enhanced thanks to reducing friction regardless of autoís loading. Besides, five-link configuration of Alaskan allows to decrease noise and vibration.

Alaskanís entirely-boxed frame is suitable for workhorse, using for leisure activities, cross-country driving and perfectly matches the requirements of the clients. Robust materials contribute to improvement of steadiness, handling characteristics and security. Well-thought-out construction of chassis enhances cross-country ability of the vehicle.

Cabin space guarantees the convenience for occupants as knee room reaches 589 mm whereas torso angle is measured to be 23 degrees. Comfortable and regulated seats ensure reducing tiredness while driving for a long time. Besides, seats provide balanced distribution of an occupantís weight. Air conditioning is fitted with dual-zone climate control system and regulated vents for occupants sitting in the back of the vehicle.

The output of twin-turbo diesel engine with four cylinders reaches 160 hp. The engine is characterized by remarkable capability to increase speed, fuel efficiency and low level of carbon emissions.

The developers offer two other kinds of powertrains: the first variant is a petrol engine with a capacity of 2.5 litres and output of 160 hp whereas another variant presents a diesel engine with a capacity of 2.5 litres and power output of 160 hp and 190 hp.

Itís possible to choose a manual gearbox with six options of speed or automatic transmission with seven variants of speed along with all-wheel drive.

The vehicle is provided with two drive modes. The first mode is intended for daily driving on asphalted road and possesses improved fuel saving and handling characteristics. The second variant is suitable for driving in case of difficulties with traction, in particular, on surface with sand, snow or mud.

In terms of customized conversions customers can receive any required versions of a car: emergency vehicle, wrecking car, maintenance vehicle, tipper truck and others. Additionally, the vehicle can be individualized and possess specific features provided by the plant. The Renault Conversion website can advise on technical specifications. Approval procedure for converters was established for the first time by Renault. This approval has such consequences as perfection of responsiveness, conclusion of partnerships and development of customer service. The Conversion and Quality departments perform systematic duties with the aim of choosing converters and contract renewal. Renault is involved in the Conversions Business abroad by means of meeting privileged converters for transnational deals.

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