Ford Ka plus (2017)

Ford Ka plus (2017)

Ford Ka plus

The innovative Ford KA+ compact auto offers uncommon capacity of a salon, perfect fuel economy and great dynamic characteristics for European clients at a reasonable price.

Belonging to the Fordís range of small-sized autos as well as popular Fiesta, the KA+ serves as an appealing version for customers in European countries wishing to acquire a capacious upmarket small auto with nice equipment at the initial price of ą9,990 in Germany and ą8,995 in the United Kingdom.

The need for autos of small size characterized by acceptable price, fuel economy and convenience is growing in the European region. It is estimated that the number of autos at the price lower than ą13 000 belonging to the sector of small-sized cars will considerably increase in Europe by 2020.

The innovative Ford KA+ presents a hatchback with five doors providing space sufficient for five occupants at a total length reaching less than four meters.

The length of the Ford KA is insignificantly less than the length of the Fiesta but exceeds it by 29 millimetres. The characteristics of interior, seats, panels of doors and roof upholstery are modified with the aim of ensuring the best in its segment cabin height of 1,002 mm in the front part of the vehicle, rear footroom of 896 mm and hip room of 1,335 mm at the back of the auto. The capacious salon provides sufficient space for an occupant whose height is 2 metres and a driver of the same height.

The Ford KA+ offers uncommon functionality as well as luggage compartment with a capacity of 270 litres that is sufficient for keeping two big suitcases. Besides, split-folding back seats and 21 stowage compartments for small objects are provided.

Stowage space comprises MyFord Dock placed in the centre of the dashboard that allows passengers to keep and charge appliances. Well-balanced and elegant exterior of the Ford KA+ created on the basis of the recent Fordís design approach reflects the peculiar highly placed trapezoidal grille along with big-sized headlights. Every KA+ version possesses a sophisticated finish alongside with chrome elements of the front grille, bumpers of the same colour as vehicle body, handles of doors and mirrors.

A rear fascia consisting of two pieces and decorated with black insert provides the model with originality and allows to diminish repair costs in case of damage in road accidents.

The interior is characterized by an appealing finish on the dashboard and wear-resistant, modern materials in a smart dark colour design. Specific chrome emphasis is used in tangible and very noticeable places, in particular, the door release handles and ventilation openings.

The innovative Ford KA+ model possesses a powertrain created on the basis of a recently developed 1.2-litre Duratec fuel-efficient gasoline engine in order to provide clients with the highest value. Offered in two variants of output capacity: 70 PS and 85 PS, the 1.2-litre engine is originated from the same line as the engine in the Fiesta with a capacity of 1.25-litres. It reflects approach of twin-independent alterable camshaft position timing intended for improving running characteristics, fuel economy and reducing emissions.

The 1.2-litre engine fitted with a conventional manual transmission available with five options of speed ensures faultless performance and a wide range of torque that guarantees easiness of vehicle operation while driving on urban roads and time-consuming trips.

Fuel economy has been improved thanks to modification of calibration and regenerative charging that allows to use fuel economically by means of keeping efficient level of charging in the battery of auto with the help of receiving 'free' electric power while drivers coast or apply the brakes.

Low rolling resistance tyres and improved aerodynamic features, in particular, a modified lower spoiler lip and grille apertures created while wind tunnel evaluation for a prolonged period of time, also facilitate fuel economy. The CO2 emission level of both engine variants reaches 114 grams per kilometer.

A supplementary 85 PS high-performance version is delivered to definite markets with an increased final drive ratio and exceptional calibration intended for reaching the CO2 emission level of 110 g/km.

The Ford KA+ has been created with the aim of providing rapid-adjusting dynamics meeting the demand of the European regionís clients.

In order to ensure the required dynamic characteristics, the KA+ has been fitted with an exceptional chassis specification along with purposely designed equipment, in particular, springs and dampers, twist beam rear suspension, brake pads and tyres alongside with a redeveloped auxiliary front frame.

In addition, the auto has been subjected to the programme of extensive engineering intended for enhancing convenience and modification with various actions aimed at reducing aerodynamic noise, noise caused by road surface and powertrain noise.

In the result of engineering works performed at Fordís launching platform in Lommel, Belgium the KA+ can offer a pleasant driving along with class-leading minimal noise of 73 decibels while driving on rough road at the speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

The KA+ vehicle body has been designed to be consistent with safety standards of Europe and has been tested using crash simulator during more than 8,000 hours to guarantee impact resistance.

Approximately 50 percent of the KA+ vehicle body is made of steel characterized by high durability, in particular, the floor, front bumper bar and others.

The developers offer two variants of KA+ auto: a conventional 70 PS version and an 85 PS version that is also fitted with voice-operated equipment intended for communications and infotainment complemented with AppLink providing voice operation of various smartphone applications. Besides, Ford MyKey offers drivers to fix limitations of maximum speed and sound volume.

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