Opel Karl Rocks (2017)

Opel Karl Rocks (2017)

Opel Karl Rocks

Opel Karl Rocks, which is chosen for demonstration at the Paris Motor Show of 2016 year, reminds a real sports utility vehicle and possesses numerous benefits inherent to this category of autos, for instance, heightened seating position providing enhanced observability and facilitated access to the driverís cab or a remarkable connectivity. Moreover, the innovative Opel Karl Rocks features the undeniable functionality of the Opel Karl having five doors, five seats and trunk area of more than 1,000 liters measured up to the roof that makes it the perfect auto for a wide range of urban residents.

The model can be ordered from the end of 2016 without mentioning its numerous competitors of A-segment. The practical silver roof bars, robust front and rear bumpers, front and back wheelarch moldings and alloy wheels of two colours ideally harmonize with conventional Opel design features.

The off-road characteristics of auto and gregarious character are additionally highlighted by raising ride height that allows to improve observability in busy city traffic or while looking at scenery. Besides, the increased ride height provides another advantage Ė Karl Rocks can seamlessly drive on rough roads.

The exterior design has been reflected in the inner space of the vehicle with the exceptional fabric upholstery named "Favo" that was used for covering of the seats. The design reminds honeycomb and can be provided only for the Karl Rocks.

In addition, Opel Karl Rocks can also suggest the same functionality as the Opel Karl. Five doors ensure facilitated access to the front and back seats whereas five seats guarantee enough space even for families. If necessary, occupants can entirely fold down the back seats possessing a conventional 40/60 folding split in order to receive a considerable trunk area of 1,013 liters.

Moreover, Opelís creation is offered with all facilities necessary for safety and convenience which present in the common Karl models. City mode allows to diminish steering wheel effort by pressing a button, considerably improving maneuvering ability in busy urban traffic.

Park Assist provides the driver with assistance while parking by means of acoustic signals given when the auto is moving towards hindrances while reversing. Cruise control system adjusts speed of driving that is very useful in difficult city traffic and residential districts with a speed restriction of 30 km/h.

Opel Karl Rocks (2017) Opel Karl Rocks (2017) Opel Karl Rocks (2017) Opel Karl Rocks (2017)