Ferrari J50 (2017)

Ferrari J50 (2017)

Ferrari J50

At the special event that took place at the National Art Centre in Tokyo with the aim of marking the 50th anniversary of Ferrari in Japan, Ferrari demonstrated an innovative strictly restricted lineup of customized autos, the Ferrari J50.

The Ferrari J50 presents a mid-rear-engined roadster with two seats featuring a body type named targa recalling some popular Ferrari road autos manufactured in 1970s and 1980s. Produced by the department of special projects belonging to Ferrari and developed by the Ferrari Styling Centre employees in Maranello, only 10 units of J50 model will be constructed and every auto will be customized according to the needs of clients.

Developed on the basis of the 488 Spider, the Ferrari J50 is equipped with a special 690 cv variant of the V8 with a capacity of 3.9 litres that was awarded in 2016 as the most efficient engine of the year.

The vehicle body is completely innovative and features a fundamentally futuristic concept characterized by a particularly distinguishing individuality corresponding the preferences of customers looking for the best advanced design. The design method was used with the aim of developing a roadster with low-slung styling, representing original Ferrari benefits such as promptness and mobility. In order to accomplish this goal, the developers used the converging interaction between baselines of the auto.

Whereas the "helmet visor" impact, which is generated from the window graphic, recalls Ferrari’s models named barchettas and intended for open competitions, the separating line of black colour presents an innovative implication of a Ferrari styling hint that can be found on symbolic autos including the GTO, F40 and F50. It features a major detail changing the idea of the beltline, fixing it at a considerably lower level in comparison with conventional, modifying the J50 into a barchetta.

The area of bonnet is placed at the lower level at the centre along with heightened wheelarch crests providing the highlighted robustness specific for Ferrari mid-engined sports autos. Two carbon-fibre air passages in the front part of bonnet ensure a smaller front mass emphasized by means of the LED headlamps and featuring a special and energetic look.

The J50 model has been constructed with the help of accurate design of aerodynamic characteristics complemented with considerable practical offerings. The distance between radiators has been diminished whereas the design of the front bumper has been entirely modified. The level of windscreen header rail has been lowered in order to facilitate access of airflow over the aero foil and therefore over the rear deck spoiler.

The elegant tail area includes the smart interaction of graphic design and three-dimensional objects. The engine is set in a frame of a transparent polycarbonate coating which ensures a visual effect of extension of the roll hoops preventing injuries of occupants. A transverse aero foil serves as a connection of the hoops, beneficially featuring one of the distinguishing characteristics of Ferrari sports autos created in the 1960s.

The rear is definitely characterized by aggressiveness whereas the design of quad taillight visually extends the auto. 20" forged wheel rims of exceptional design were developed purposely for this model manufactured in a restricted quantity.

Inside the vehicle, the sports seats are embellished with special trim, reflecting the design of the back bonnet outline to ensure an undoubted distinguishing characteristic.

Ferrari J50 (2017) Ferrari J50 (2017) Ferrari J50 (2017) Ferrari J50 (2017)