Renault Megane Sedan (2017)

Renault Megane Sedan (2017)

Renault Megane Sedan

The Megane lineup has been supplemented by the presentation of a four-door variant Ė the innovative Renault Megane Sedan. This auto complements Renaultís range in the C-sector and enhanced the trademarkís market position in locations where compact car salons are popular with car owners wishing to acquire a convenient and capacious auto that emphasizes their social position.

Produced at Renaultís Bursa manufacturing plant in Turkey the auto became commercially available this autumn in approximately 30 countries. The innovative Megane Sedan encourages the trademarkís world development and the replenishment of its range.

Developed on the basis of Renaultís CMF C/D architecture, the innovative Renault Megane Sedan was created in conjunction with the Megane model, presented in early 2016. This implies that the auto possesses similar peculiarities, technological characteristics and engine versions as the Megane. Besides, the auto is characterized by exceptional spaciousness in its class and considerable passenger capacity.

The innovative model features a real upscale change allowing the newest product of the trademark to identify itself as the target in the segment of compact autos.

The Renault Megane Sedan is distinguished by dynamics and sophistication of a car salon representing distinctive features of this kind of auto which in numerous countries remains a vehicle with the preferred body shape for auto enthusiasts.

The model possesses numerous peculiarities which differentiate it from the new Megane. Its ouline and proportions remind coupe. It has considerable dimensions of 4.63 meters in length whereas its width reaches 1.81 meters. Its wheelbase is considered to have maximum dimension of 2.71 m. Its robust shoulders represent its sports style.

A panoramic glass roof allows sun rays to enter the car salon. From the outside of the vehicle, the roof serves as connection of the windscreen and the back window that provides additional sophistication and improves the design.

The accurate design of seats ensures the best convenience in the class due to the application of dual-density foam. Besides, the front seats are provided with heating. The driver can use a massage option and electrically regulated lumbar support.

The innovative Megane Sedane is fitted with numerous driving aids. Adaptive Cruise Control provides automatic speed control intended to keep a previously chosen distance. The front radar defines the distance between the auto and another vehicle moving ahead.

Active Emergency Braking System warns the driver about the danger of a collision with the traffic moving in front. In the case of possible collision the brakes can be actuated automatically with the aim of preventing or mitigating a collision.

Rear View Camera offers observation of the area behind the auto while reversing on the sensor screen. As additional support, this image is complemented with pointing lines.

Front, rear and side parking sensors help the driver to park his auto not reducing control of the vehicle. Special detectors warn the driver about the probability of collision with an obstacle.

Easy Park Assist assists the driver in finding an appropriate individual parking space by means of determining the free space using its sensors.

Apart from the mentioned technologies the innovative Megane Sedan possesses other characteristics of the next segment up created with the aim of providing convenience while driving including identifying movement under the back bumper that presents an exclusive peculiarity in the segment of compact car salons and entry card that doesnít require manual operation.

The new Megane Sedan is distinguished by excellent performance in all locations thanks to its handling and various engines meeting the requirements of car owners. Considerable efforts have been made to guarantee vertical damping and acoustic comfort.

The convenience and dynamic handling of the innovative Renault Megane Sedan is guaranteed thanks to a special activity aimed at providing safety and efficiency of the suspension. The dampers and bump stops are intended for ensuring perfect convenience. The developers have transformed the joints of back suspension with the aim of enhancing the capability of the vehicle to overcome with the unevenness of roads. The vehicle is fitted with perfect insulation, especially on motorways due to increased thickness of windows and external seals at the bottom of doors.

The auto takes advantages of Renaultís extensive expert knowledge in the field of passive motor vehicle safety. Considering the market, the characteristics of standard specification include two front safety cushions, seat belts supplemented with pretensioners and load limiters and others.

Besides, the application of robust steel in the construction of the cabin is intended for protection against significant impact.

The innovative Megane Sedan has been undergone a number of tests in challenging circumstances and rigorous designing in order to achieve excellent road stability and handling characteristics. Considering that the model will go on sale in approximately 30 points of sales, satisfying the needs of drivers in various weather conditions and on different types of road surfaces was very important.

Apart from the performed testing the Megane hatchback variant drove 276,000 kilometres on special motorway of Renault in conditions created in order to speed up ageing. It is equal to 828,000 kilometres of using in usual life.

Renault states its preference for engines with smaller capacity that allows to combine satisfaction from driving and effectiveness. This range of engines has been developed with the aim of meeting the requirements of customers.

A standard characteristic of all Renaultís engines is the ECO option providing the altering the autoís running properties and decreasing fuel usage.

Renault Megane Sedan (2017) Renault Megane Sedan (2017) Renault Megane Sedan (2017) Renault Megane Sedan (2017) Renault Megane Sedan (2017) Renault Megane Sedan (2017) Renault Megane Sedan (2017)