Lamborghini Aventador S (2017)

Lamborghini Aventador S (2017)

Lamborghini Aventador S

The innovative Lamborghini Aventador S features original aerodynamic characteristics, modified suspension, enhanced power and advanced dynamic performance. The letter 'S' presents the suffix of earlier improved Lamborghini autos and sets a new standard for the V12 Lamborghini.

The design of the innovative Lamborghini Aventador S precisely defines the recently emerged Aventador lineup. The Aventador S is characterized by several changes of exterior including front and back parts of the vehicle whereas its profile hasnít undergone modifications. All transformed details are updated in order to reach the best aerodynamic qualities and simultaneously emphasize complicated and powerful dynamism of the Aventador. Moreover, Lamborghini Centro Stille reasonably combines specific details of previous cult models, in particular, the outline of back wheel arches recalling the initial Countach.

The developers have increased aggressiveness of the autoís nose and lengthened front splitter with the aim of changing the direction of airflow that is necessary for enhancing aerodynamic performance and engine cooling capacity.

The back part of the Lamborghini Aventador S is fitted with a diffuser of black colour that can be acquired if required in carbon fiber and possesses some vertical fins which strengthen the airflow influence, decrease drag by means of pressure improvement and allow the auto to exhibit downforce. Three outlet openings pass through the back bumper.

The Lamborghini Aventador S design considerably improves aerodynamic characteristics. Front downforce of the model exceeds the earlier Aventador coupe by over 130%. In case of favourable position of the wing the total performance at high downforce is enhanced by more than 50% whereas in low drag it exceeds 400% in comparison with the earlier version.

The construction of the model is modified according to the approach of complete control with the aim of ensuring a perfect drive, ride comfort and output: all characteristics of the autoís suspension and electronic vehicle control equipment have been updated in order to improve vehicle operation and satisfaction from driving.

Advanced lateral control is guaranteed by innovative all-wheel steering, used for the first time in a serial manufacturing of Lamborghini. The equipment ensures enhanced rapidity if the autoís speed is low or medium and increases steadiness if the speed is high. On the forward axle it is complemented with Lamborghini Dynamic Steering. It is purposely fitted for combining with the Lamborghini Rear-wheel Steering on the back axle: two single actuators respond during five milliseconds to driverís steering actions, providing an actual-time angle.

While an auto is driving at low speed front wheels turn out to be in reverse direction to the steering angle, therefore practically diminishing the wheelbase. Decreased steering wheel angle allows the Lamborghini Aventador S to improve rapidity and simultaneously diminish a radius of turning circle, improving performance in curves and facilitating maneuverability when driving in towns and at low speed.

On the contrary, when the speed of auto is high front and back wheels possess the same steering angle, therefore practically expanding the wheelbase, ensuring improved steadiness and enhancing the vehicle responsiveness.

Vehicle control is provided by Lamborghiniís advanced pusher bar and Lamborghini Magneto-rheological Suspension along with redesigned kinematics adjusted to the innovative all-wheel steering.

Longitudinal control is obtained thanks to an enhanced ESC approach characterized by quicker and more accurate regulation of traction control and dynamics of auto that varies in accordance with the chosen driving mode. The model has been undergone numerous tests including driving on snow and ice and received enhanced adhesion detection allowing to increase grip to the extent possible in all circumstances and improving handling characteristics of auto.

Lamborghini developers have incorporated the intelligent Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Attiva (LDVA) control device to operate this equipment in the auto. LDVA presents an innovative intelligent management device of the auto, which obtains accurate data on motion of vehicle body by means of all autoís sensors.

The Aventador S provides the driver with an opportunity of choosing one of four various driving modes: STRADA, SPORT, CORSA and the innovative EGO mode, which has an impact on the behavior of traction.

STRADA ensures the highest convenience and daily application. SPORT guarantees a feeling of sports driving whereas CORSA is appropriate for track driving.

The engine capacity of the Lamborghini Aventador exceeds the capacity of the previous model by 40 hp and reaches a maximum level of 740 hp. An improved torque curve has been achieved by means of modification of Variable Valve Timing and Variable Intake System.

An auto accelerates from 0-100 km/h during 2.9 seconds whereas a maximum speed is 350 km/h. Lamborghiniís shifting equipment named Independent Shifting Rod ensures transmission and automatic gear shifts performed during 50 milliseconds.

The Aventador S is fitted with innovative exhaust equipment created thanks to a R&D project. Its weight is 20% less in comparison with the previous model. The equipment has been undergone numerous tests and guarantees an improved Lamborghini sound and resonance characteristics.

The model is equipped with an innovative and purposely created Pirelli P Zero tires. The tires are intended to modify steering, traction, lane changes and brake performance and have been created to correspond the dynamic characteristics.

A TFT electronic instrument panel is available in different versions depending on the driverís tastes. A driver can choose one of kombi screens for STRADA, SPORT and CORSA in combination with EGO option.

Lamborghini Aventador S (2017) Lamborghini Aventador S (2017) Lamborghini Aventador S (2017) Lamborghini Aventador S (2017) Lamborghini Aventador S (2017) Lamborghini Aventador S (2017) Lamborghini Aventador S (2017) Lamborghini Aventador S (2017)