De Tomaso Deauville Concept (2011)
De Tomaso Deauville Concept (2011)

De Tomaso Deauville Concept

Pininfarina welcomes the De Tomaso Deauville styling model on its stand at Geneva. For the glorious brand founded in Modena in 1959 by Argentine racing driver Alejandro De Tomaso, which has been brought back to life thanks to efforts of businessman Gian Mario Rossignolo, Pininfarina has designed a 5-door Sport Luxury Sedan, with an aluminium chassis and four-wheel drive. A complete product that embodies high technology and craftsmanship, combining luxury and love for engines with a decisive modern approach to design.

The project was launched at the end of 2009, when Pininfarina S.p.A. drew up with De Tomaso Automobili SpA (formerly Innovation Auto Industry S.p.A. - IAI) a company chaired by Gian Mario Rossignolo, the definitive agreement for the sale of a branch of the company that included the manufacturing plant of Grugliasco (Turin). The two companies also agreed that the first model to be produced by the reborn De Tomaso company would be designed by Pininfarina.

From the very first stages of the design process, De Tomaso and the Pininfarina design team set themselves the target of exploring new territory and creating a new market niche, developing a Sport Luxury Sedan for an exclusive clientele, designed and developed with the utmost luxury.

Luxury is not a coincidence: the development of the De Tomaso Deauville hinges on exploiting the concept of quality products that are "Made in Italy", reviving and refining in the present the characteristics of beauty and craftsmanship that are inherent in the Italian manufacturing heritage. All the cars are "custom-built" and the assembly of the details is guaranteed by the manual skills of De Tomaso specialist craftsmen. Each De Tomaso Deauville is therefore unique and self-sufficient.