Iveco Massif (2008)

Iveco Massif

Iveco is one of the few makers worldwide to offer a full range of all-wheel-drive vehicles. With Iveco Massif, the new 4x4, the Italian company breaks into a completely new professional transport segment, harking back to the memory of a glorious ancestor that won Fiat Group a prominent place in the history of off-road vehicles: the Fiat Campagnola.

The Iveco Massif signals Iveco's first entry into the light off-road vehicle segment, and with two body styles. The spirit of the Massif follows in the tyre tracks of the Fiat Campagnola, the Italian Army standard-issue jeep designed in 1951 that became an icon in Italy in an age when the country still lacked a modern road infrastructure. The Campagnola was an important symbol for postwar Italy and the reconstruction of the 1950s, still fresh in the Italian collective memory. But the Campagnola meant even more than this: in the white livery of the Popemobile, it is inseparably associated with the appearances of John Paul II, a Pope who ushered in a new way of reaching out to the faithful. Still in white, but now bearing the UN insignia, the vehicle contributed to a large number of international peacekeeping missions in every continent of the world. From its ancestor, the Iveco Massif has taken the robust versatility and workmanlike appearance of a vehicle designed for demanding tasks, but without losing sight of operating economy.

Iveco Campagnola (2009)

Iveco Campagnola

After more than twenty years the Iveco Campagnola is back. Italy's best loved Fiat vehicle was originally produced in different versions from 1951 to 1987.

The new Iveco Campagnola is part of the Iveco brand and is derived from Massif, the 4x4 off-road vehicle. Iveco is one of the few global manufacturers to offer a complete range of all-wheel-drive vehicles and with Massif the company has entered a completely new sector of professional transport for the first time offering two light off-road vehicles. Iveco Campagnola extends the range with a model specifically for passenger transport, without sacrificing the authentic off-road features behind the success of its ancestor: separate chassis, all-wheel-drive, high mobility and exceptional off-road capability. In addition to offering the qualities of comfort and driveability demanded by a modern off-road vehicle.


Heir to the Fiat tradition in this sector, the new Iveco Campagnola is a special numbered version of the Iveco Massif conceived for professional off-road use.

As a people carrier, the Iveco Campagnola uses the original form of the sporty off-road vehicle, reinventing the authentic spirit of the 4x4 with a modern twist. Its appearance, designed by Giugiaro and the Fiat Centro Stile is very endearing and makes it particularly attractive its front reflecting the family style of Iveco vehicles with its charachteristic radiator grille.