Proton GEN-2 (2004)

Proton GEN-2 (2004)
Proton Impian (2006)

Proton Impian

From the initial design sketches, through prototyping and development to production of the Proton Impian, first passenger car to be created entirely in Malaysia, Proton engineers have set out to reward owners with a driving experience in the highly competitive D sector that is second to none.

That they have succeeded is due in no small measure to a unique combination of engineering excellence and design flair. Proton's pragmatic approach to worldwide market requirements blends the best of Malaysian creativity with European engineering precision and Japanese manufacturing skills.

To create a safe and soothing environment for driver and passengers, Proton engineers have been supported by a Malaysian-based project team established by EDAG, the German body engineering specialists, while the Proton Impian's ride comfort and pin sharp handling reflect the silky skills of Lotus suspension tuning experts previously paraded in Proton's acclaimed Satria GTi.

The result is a car with clean, crisp styling that provides occupants with impressive safety standards and drivers with full control, no matter what the conditions. The reinforced body structure is among the strongest in its class, giving greater torsional rigidity for less body roll, better road-holding and a solid, European feel to the driving experience.

Setting even higher quality standards, the Proton Impian is manufactured using the latest modular construction techniques in a new factory alongside Proton's main plant at Shah Alam near Kuala Lumpur. Modular integration allows each module to be stronger and more rigid, at the same time reducing weight.

Proton GEN-2 (2008)

Proton GEN-2

Having acquired a majority share in Group Lotus Plc in 1996 and a full share in 2003, Proton have combined the sporting heritage of Lotus with its own strengths to create the Proton GEN-2 - a car that offers far more than the average family car.

Carefully integrating the values of Proton, Lotus has helped to produce an exciting car designed for both performance and functionality, as designers and engineers deliberately chose to stray from the traditional approach of building a single car for the mass market. This integration has also become more physically visible in the Proton GEN-2 by way of the car's more modern, masculine and sporty character in terms of exterior and interior styling as well as in performance.

While Lotus presence in the older range of vehicles like the Proton Satria GTi was limited to its superior ride and handling performance, its contributions have become more visible in the Proton GEN-2 and in current Proton cars, particularly the Satria Neo. The Lotus influence is evident in the GEN-2, from underlining new and higher standards related to performance and occupant safety to sculpturing the overall look and feel of the car from both the interior and exterior.

Designed as a five-door hatchback, the Proton GEN-2 was the first of the new line of Proton cars and the first national car to be fitted with a Malaysian designed, blue-printed and commercially built engine, developed in close collaboration with Lotus.

Proton introduced the latest addition to the GEN-2 line-up in March 2008, with the launch of the Proton GEN-2 Persona saloon into the UK. The GEN-2 saloon combines the excellent performance, ride and handling of the GEN-2 hatchback, but with the added sophistication and functionality that comes with owning a 4-door family car.

Proton GEN-2 Persona (2008)

Proton GEN-2 Persona (2008)
Proton Satria Neo (2008)

Proton Satria Neo

With a sleek design and an impressive CamPro 16v engine, the Proton Satria Neo is all about energy, style and excitement. Superb ride and handling comes courtesy of Proton's sister company, Lotus, helping to deliver a car that boasts high speed stability, great manoeuvrability and superior control. Customers in the market for a stylish, fun and exciting drive which is also practical and affordable, need look no further than the Satria Neo.

The Satria Neo - a Proton through and through

Proton believes that driving should be fun and that every one of its cars should deliver superb ride and handling. Progressive technology is evident across the range - not just in performance but in safety measures and standard equipment. The Proton Satria Neo continues this tradition of offering everything motorists have come to expect from a Proton - and more.

The Satria Neo highlights Proton Cars' commitment to delivering a value-added product to customers. This is a car that enjoys Proton's rock solid reliability and the magical Lotus touch - a 3-door supermini with superb design, ride and handling. The Proton Satria Neo is an energetic addition to the existing Proton line-up, which includes the 5-door city car the Savvy, the Lotus developed 5-door GEN-2 hatchback, 4-door Impian saloon and the new 4-door Proton GEN-2 Persona.

Proton Savvy (2008)

Proton Savvy

The Proton Savvy is the first city car Proton have sold in the UK. It encapsulates the „Savvy buy' with competitive pricing, distinctive styling and a range of equipment that's sure to put a smile on every shopper's face.

Who's the Savvy buyer?

The Proton Savvy buyer demands more from their vehicle. Style, practicality, reliability and value for money are important, but when push comes to shove it's pride that counts - being proud to drive the car and feeling good because of what it says about that person.

With distinctive styling both inside and out, a spacious and airy interior, comprehensive warranty, great specifications AND a starting price of just £5,995 on the road, the Proton Savvy is a car that anybody would be proud to own. Combine this with great customer service and friendly dealers, and it's definitely a winning package.

The Proton Savvy is a car that will transcend all age boundaries - it's sporty styling, superior ride and handling, low insurance group and low price will appeal to younger buyers looking for a great value, great looking car that's a bit different from the norm, an economical engine and a wealth of features will ensure that older buyers are not alienated. The Savvy is key to Proton's strategy of customer acquisition, but it's features and benefits mean that it is sure to be a popular choice for current owners in the market for a new car.