Think city (2008)

Think city

TH!NK city demands very little of you. In fact, not much more than a mobile phone. Just a little overnight power top-up, and it's ready to go in the morning. It can travel up to 170 kilometer (106 miles) on a fully charged battery and all for a fraction of the cost of petrol or diesel. All in all, TH!NK city is a lot less hassle than other cars. You just get in and drive.

Making everyday life simpler

National and local authorities are increasingly making it cheaper and more convenient to drive electric cars. In London the TH!NK city is exempt from the congestion charge. In Italy access to certain city centers is restricted for internal combustion engines but open to electric vehicles. In Norway you can drive TH!NK city through toll booths free of charge and in the special public transport lanes the entire way to work. You don't have to pay car tax every year, either. The authorities will just love you after all, politicians want the same thing as you: to protect the environment. They make it easy for you to drive TH!NK city, because it has no emissions. Did we mention that in many places you don't have to pay for public parking? It's a whole new world. And much simpler. The road is a much friendlier place when you drive TH!NK city. Contact your local authorities and see what incentives they have to make your city cleaner.

Making running a car simpler

TH!NK city is a safe small car, offering driving features that are just perfect for you. Driving a silent car will give you a totally new everyday experience. And because electric motors don't have many moving parts that require servicing, you'll also enjoy the benefit of low operating and maintenance costs. Thanks to the car's unpainted plastic bodywork, the Think City can take the rough and tumble of city life without the usual visible dents and scratches.